Thursday, September 18, 2014

14 Weeks Pregnant with Boo #2

Written 8/31/14 at 14 weeks pregnant.

I went back to work this week, and being back in the grind of school definitely impacted how I'm feeling. I'm sure next week will be even more intense as the kids come back to school

  • I've been REALLY sick this week. I feel nauseous almost all the time and I've been getting sick multiple times a day again. I'm back to taking the Zofran every 6 hours where before I was only taking it once or twice a day if I was feeling badly. 
  • Since I've been so sick, I also lost all the weight I had gained. As of today I'm back to my prepregnancy weight. Never in my life has losing weight been such a disappointment.
  • Fynn has been a mess this week with me going back to work. She's super clingy when we go to drop her off in the morning at daycare and is in a frenzy to see me when I pick her up. I knew the transition back to daycare after a whole summer home with me was going to be hard, but I didn't realize how emotional I would be about it. It breaks my heart to see her all upset and just wanting her mommy, I feel like such a bad mom when I just leave her there crying, even though I know it doesn't last long and that she loves it there.
  • Sorry for the super blurry belly pic!
  • People at work have been super sweet and supportive as they find out I'm pregnant. I've had lots of offers to help me in unpacking my crates and setting up my classroom. Of course I'm stubborn, so I haven't taken advantage of many of these offers, but I am trying to be careful about overdoing it. I know I overdid it the second day back because my back was killing me and I felt even sicker the next day. 
  • My new school has a "Mother's Room" which was super exciting for me. I peeked in the other day and it has a super comfy chair, sink, storage space and even lockers for pumping mamas to store their pump (or some extra clothes!). I love that the people in charge of designing or new school thought of things like that. When I was pumping for Fynn I was in someone's closet with no lock on it. It was a large room, but not someplace I could feel super comfortable and relaxed in. 

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  1. That is such a bummer you've been so sick! Hopefully it passes sooner than later, how on earth do you make it through teaching?! You are my hero!
    And that is so cool about the mother's room!


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