Friday, September 26, 2014

17 Weeks Pregnant with Boo #2

Written 9/21/14

This week I'm finally feeling better (knock on wood). I've gone all week without getting sick and have only been nauseous a few times and had a couple of stomachaches. Compared to how I felt the first 16 weeks, I'm incredibly grateful and feeling really good.

  • Still feeling super tired though. Part is the usual pregnancy fatigue and part is just not being able to get comfortable at night. Since having Fynn I've been a firm back sleeper- having to sleep on my side again is incredibly uncomfortable and is killing my back. I even forked over the cash for a pregnancy pillow which is helping, but still not great and it requires multiple adjustments throughout the night. 
  • My belly button is starting to get shallower. I told my dad that and he told me to take advantage and give it a good cleaning for the next couple of months before it goes back to normal (FYI, cause I know you're dying to know, when I'm not pregnant I have a weirdly deep belly button)
  • In the dress I'm wearing in this week's pic my belly looks super big. It was totally the dress. The day after I wore it I had a friend at work ask where the baby went because I didn't look nearly as pregnant when in other clothes. I thought I was looking bigger this time around, but if you look at my 17 week pix from last time, I'm about the same
  • I've gained about 3 pounds so far (probably because of all the puking) whereas last time I had gained about 10 pounds at this point. I know my doctor will lecture me about eating enough at my next appointment, but I'm doing all I can. Now that I feel better I'll probably gain 3 pounds a week to make up for it. 
  • Fynn told me this week that "the baby is getting tall" as she rubbed my belly. I guess we tell her how tall she is too much. My mother in law was watching her Friday and commented on how big she is getting, but Fynn said "no, I tall"
  • Baby this week is the size of an onion this week: 5.1 inches long and about 5.9 ounces. 
  • My next appointment is this Wednesday, for some reason I'm a week behind, so it's supposed to be my 16 week check up. I can't wait to hear this little one's heartbeat again.  
  • I had my first crazy preggers dream this week: I dreamed that I went in for my check up, and a friend I used to work with was my doctor. He let me know that I had a miscarriage, and when the "baby" came out it was one of those little white mice... so of course I'm a little paranoid (not about the mouse part, but the miscarriage part) but I am NOT going to replay the crazy pregnant lady scene that occurred around this time last time, so I'm just going to wait until Wednesday to reassure myself that things are okay. 

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