Thursday, September 4, 2014

6 Weeks Pregnant with Boo #2

Written 7/6/14- 6 weeks pregnant
already failing at weekly pix, I didn't realize how
blurry this was until too late

Everything this time around feels different. Last time I knew exactly how far along I was every single day. Today I wouldn't have realized I was 6 weeks pregnant if my pregnancy app hadn't popped up with a notification. It's too crazy with Fynn and the past week of birthday celebrations for the little Miss, so I haven't even thought much about it... so different from last time when I couldn't stop obsessing every single minute. 

I'm hoping to do my weekly updates for Boo #2, like I did with Fynn, but I'm also realistic in thinking that it might not always happen, or might not happen in a timely manner. My goal is to document. Already it's been great to read posts from when I was preggers with Fynn to see how things are shaping up comparatively. 

  • I'm in the "calm before the storm". My crazy morning sickness started week 7 last time, so I'm prepared. Right now I've had a little nausea and some stomachaches, but nothing like I had last time... I'm just waiting for it it hit. 
  • I feel majorly bloated all the time, pretty sure someone is going to figure this shizz out pretty soon because I look like a blimp in all my clothes. Ugh. I've lost a pound since finding out I was pregnant, but I'm attributing that to my workouts and I don't think it has anything to do with the baby.
  • Fynn doesn't know what's going on (obviously). I can't wait to start talking to her about the baby and getting her ready to be a big sister, but I know it's way too early for that and that it will take awhile for her to actually get what's going on. 
  • According to my pregnancy app, Boo is .25 inches long, about the size of an apple seed. So far I think Boo is doing well in there, I have no reason to think otherwise and I'm trying not to be the paranoid freak I was last time around. 
  • Our first appointment is on the 17th, so we'll check that things are looking good, verify my due date and of course stick me with needles to do all the awesome preggers blood checks (on the plus side, after months of fertility treatments before getting pregnant with Fynn, the pregnancy needle sticks didn't seem so bad... I'm hoping I can hold on to that perspective this time too).

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