Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Keeping the secret

Written 7/16/14- 7 weeks pregnant

You know when you have awesome, amazing news and you're oh, so excited to share it?

Yeah, that's us right now.

We found out on June 30th, and decided we wanted to wait to tell me. Last time we told our families and best friends within a week of finding out and then told just about everyone after our first ultrasound at 8 weeks... this time we wanted to wait and find a fun way to do it.

We have our friend (and awesome photographer) Erin coming to do pictures in three weeks, so we wanted to do a fun announcement picture with her. I've been scouring Pinterest and good old Google for days now coming up with fun ideas to spill the beans.

But it is HARD to keep a secret of this magnitude. And I keep wondering if people suspect or are going to figure it out. I'm hoping we can keep it to ourselves for a few more weeks until we can announce it in a fun way!

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  1. This was the worst time period! At least it's now out in the open :)


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