Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The cat that ate the canary

Written 7/9/14- 6 Weeks Pregnant

I was that cat this weekend. We were at Drew's parents house having lunch with his whole family and his grandmother. We were celebrating Drew's youngest brother's 22nd birthday. Hanging out by the pool, having fun.

Somehow the idea of Fynn having a sibling came up. I almost died. We haven't told anyone yet, and didn't want to tell that day. So while Drew's brother was going on and on about how Fynn needs a little brother, I was dying on the inside and telling him she actually needs a cousin. The conversation went on for much longer then it needed, with the general consensus being that Drew and I need to have another kid.

When this cat is out of the bag, we are going to laugh so hard about that conversation.

Updated on 8/28/14- 13 Weeks Pregnant

Of course after we told Drew's family we were expecting, we laughed about that conversation. They were surprised that we didn't just blurt it out (actually, so am I).

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