Thursday, September 11, 2014

Working out when pregnant

Written 7/6/14- 6 weeks pregnant

I am a big believer in working out while pregnant. The first time around it made me feel better to be active and I know it helped with the weight gain (I was that prego that scarfed down the Oreos, ice cream and chicken nuggets-If I hadn't exercised, I would have been a whale). When I was pregnant with Fynn I worked out at least 4 days a week until I was about 30 weeks along and did Zumba and light strength training until 34 weeks. I also walked constantly up until the day Fynn was born.

My plan this time is the same- do what feels comfortable, but not push myself... that's already proving to be hard. See, I started this awesome "work out every day" plan for summer (never thinking I'd actually be able to get pregnant) and I want to stick to that. I feel better. I have more energy. And I do NOT want to become a complete blimp while pregnant. I did pretty well with the weight gain until the last couple of weeks last time; I'd like to do that again. I'd rather not reach whale-esq proportions until the very very end... especially since I'm due in March. Which means I will probably be working right up until my due date.

However, I'm already noticing a difference in my body. I'm 6 weeks along today and I feel like I'm bigger than I was at 12 weeks with Fynn. I'm able to do my normal workouts (running, Jillian Michaels, dance) but I get short of breath much easier then I did even 2 weeks ago. It's like my body is all "damn girl, we've done this before, let me expand and get ready early for this kid". I've heard that this usually happens with 2nd (or more) pregnancies. My body knows what it has to do... so it's getting ready. I'm trying to listen to my body, and rest when I get tired and out of breath... but the competitive fool in me really wants to keep pushing. I'm trying to reign her in. 

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