Saturday, October 25, 2014

21 Weeks Pregnant with Boo # 2

Ugh, I've fallen into posting late again. Still without a computer. Which makes blogging rather difficult! However, here's what went down during week 21:

  • I've been super sick this week again... I really thought I had gotten past that point, but I've had to pull out my Zofran again just to keep things down.
  • I've gained two pounds this week, bringing my grand total to just eight pounds. Pretty sure that's about half of what is expected weight gain at this point. Not that I mind not being a whale yet, but I just worry that being sick again is going to keep this little nugget from getting what he/she needs.
  • Monday is our big 20 week ultrasound and I'm super excited to see baby and find out whether it's a boy or a girl. I've been thinking boy from early on, but Fynn's convinced it's a girl and the only names I've found that I love are girls names. I guess we'll see on Monday.
  • This little bugger is a-moving and a-shaking these days. Kicks are getting stronger, and are all super low which makes sense because I feel like the kid is sitting on my bladder.
  • Drew informed me the other day that I'm not as wide as I was last pregnancy... I guess I'm supposed to take that as a complement? 
  • Baby Boo is the size of a pomegranate this week; 10.5 inches long and 12.7 ounces.

And now I must attempt to upload pictures to this post. I apologize in advance for any funky formatting that results.

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