Wednesday, October 29, 2014

King of Christmas- Win an artificial Christmas tree!

This post is brought to you by King of Christmas

Here's the debate; real or fake? I'm talking about trees here. Every year I have this internal debate because, while real trees are gorgeous, they're pretty much a pain. Artificial Christmas trees always just seem so much easier and they look so pretty now, it's hard to tell that they're not real! We always end up with pine needles, water, and sometimes sap all over the place. It's a mess and a headache, but we keep going back. I'm not sure if it's because we're gluttons for punishment or because they can be so expensive. However, King of Christmas is doing an awesome giveaway for a 7 foot artificial Christmas tree WITH LED lights (which means you don't have to play the Christmas light game). The second place prize is a $100 gift card for which will go a long way towards a tree. 

Sound like a good deal? I thought so too. Head over and enter right away though, because their giveaway ends soon! Want to enter? Here's the link.

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