Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Art Gallery for Kids Review

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A few weeks ago Fynn and I got an awesome package in the mail; the My Art Gallery for Kids- to display her art work. I've been trying to keep some of her projects, but they usually end up torn or wrinkled or lost, whoever thought of this art gallery has clearly had the same issue. 

The concept is simple; a 3-frame art gallery where the picture frames can be stuck together, or displayed separately. You can use the giant magnet that's included to display artwork on any metal surface, or each frame also comes with stand features to stand alone. You could also do the traditional nail in the wall method to hang the frames. What makes this product unique? The fact that each frame is designed to hold 35 pieces of artwork. That's a total of 105 pieces that can be stored, while displaying three at a time. There's also a little spot for a picture of the artist to be displayed, so if you had several kids, each could have their own, personalized, art gallery.

Fynn was excited to open the package (as always) but she was even more excited the next day when we put one of her pieces of artwork into the frame. She loves her pictures, and is always excited to show them off. She kept pointing to her picture and saying "that's mine". So stinking cute. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter to see how others are using their My Art Gallery to show of their kid's artwork. 

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