Monday, October 27, 2014

Team Pink or Team Blue?

I had a couple of awesome followers weigh in on my Facebook page, all of them were sure Baby Boo # 2 is on Team Blue. I originally thought blue from the beginning until a couple of weeks ago when I started to doubt myself. I constantly referred to baby as "he" and jokingly called him Teddy... even though we wouldn't be using Teddy as a name if it ended up being a boy. Fynn was sure it was a girl. Several friends were sure it was a girl, but two friends from work were convinced boy. Drew wouldn't really weigh in. Right before the ultrasound he said he had no idea. 

Last Monday was the big day. We went in, the tech asked if we wanted to know if she could tell, and we started measuring. We measured belly, looked at the heart, then got to the legs and without any warning the tech said "it's a boy!". In a way I was surprised, but in a way I wasn't. Part of me knew it from early on. 

We are sooo excited, though Fynn was a little disappointed because she said it was a girl and we were going to call her "Milk". 0 for 2 kiddo! That said, the name game can now commence. Right now we're just throwing out suggestions, but there's nothing we're seriously considering or in love with (though I do have one name I'm loving... but we'll see if the infatuation lasts). 


  1. Awwww yay boy!!! Congrats mama!

  2. AHHH CONGRATS! Tell Fynn she can still call her baby brother "Milk." That is way too cute!


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