Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The 10 Healthiest States in America

Brought to you by Annie Davis

Obesity remains an issue in the United States, one that you hear about a lot in the news. You get all this information about the worst states to live in, or the unhealthiest states, but sometimes you come along information about the "Healthiest" states, and you have to wonder; what makes them so healthy? How are they different from my state? Or, if you're lucky, you get to gloat about your state being on the list. Sadly, Maine isn't on this infographic from UIC Online for the 10 Healthiest States in America, but there are several other New England states on the list... so I guess we have that going for us? The rating scale for this infographic came from obesity rates, percentage of sedentary adults and the average life expectancy. It's interesting to see the difference between Hawii at #1 and New Jersey at #10. It would have been really cool if all 50 states were included, but I guess that would be a LOT on info in one graphic. Regardless, it makes me really interested to see the numbers and rankings for Maine and see where we stack up in the scheme of things. 

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