Saturday, November 15, 2014

24 Weeks Pregnant With Boo # 2

Unlike last week, week 24 was rather busy.

  • This week we closed on our new house, listed our old house, and had multiple showings and an open house lined up. What does this have to do with my pregnancy, you ask? Great question. EVERYTHING. Constant cleaning, stress, and packing has lead to major exhaustion and back pain. All those things that are tough under normal circumstances are exponentially worse when growing a human being.
  • Fynn is still super upset that I can't pick her up anymore. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but I end up picking her up more than I should (since I shouldn't at all...)
  • Somehow I just ignored the scale the last few weeks and came to the startling discovery this week that I've gained 18 pounds... a very sobering number in my opinion. While I'm glad to have "caught up" to the expected weight gain at this point, the fact that I did it so quickly freaks me out because I REALLY don't want to be (more of) a blimp. There's still 4 months to go, and they're the 4 months of rapid weight gain as it is.
My belly-pix photobomber
  • This week Baby Boo is size of a cantaloupe: 10.5-11.8 inches long and 12.7-20.8 ounces... somehow those numbers are exactly the same as last week when Boo was the size of a grapefruit... not quite sure how that works.
  • Fynn seems to finally get that the baby is a boy. She says it's a boy when I ask and she'll rub my belly now and say "he loves me". He gave her a good couple of kicks in return the other day. When I explained to her that we won't be naming him Milk, she responded that his name is Mickey Mouse... 0 for 2 on the Name Game Fynn, but kudos on the attempt. 

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