Monday, November 3, 2014

30 LBS

Fynn officially weighs 30 pounds... which means I can't lift her until March. Easier said than done.

Let me backtrack a second. Due to my back and hip issues, I was put on a strict 30 pound weight limit at my first OB appointment. Last time they advised it, but this time they were adamant that I not life anything over 30 pounds. Back in July that sounded like no big deal, Fynn was about 27 pounds, so I figured by the time she weighed too much I wouldn't have the energy to lift her up anyway.

That time came this weekend. I'm trying, really I am, but do you know how hard it is not to carry a 2-year old? Let's put aside the emotional piece for a second, and just look at practice. What do I do when she's flipping out and I need to move her? Or when she she needs to get in an out of her crib? Or she refuses to walk someplace? Yeah, there are going to be plenty of times when I have to scoop her up.

Then there's the emotional pull. She's still my baby. I still love cradling her in my arms. Or snuggling close. Or just playing games where I swing her around. Feeling like I can't do that, even though it's for my own good, is really hard. The other night she was reaching for me as we were putting her to bed, and all I wanted to do was take her into my arms and snuggle... instead I settled for hugs and kisses while Drew held her- it was not the same thing. 

I've got 17 weeks left... I'm going to do my best, but I know I won't make it a full 17 weeks without lifting her up.

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  1. Lifting limitations are always so difficult when you're the mom of a toddler (or heavy baby!) Before I had my neurostimulator surgery I knew I was going to have strict weight restrictions so I taught my daughter how to climb in and out of the car/ her car seat herself. We had a few public meltdowns when she wanted me to carry her somewhere and I couldn't but she really didn't do so bad. And on the plus side for you Fynn is getting her very own baby brother out of this whole deal so she has something to be very excited for!


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