Friday, November 14, 2014

The universe will find a way to kick you in the butt

Last week was a crazy week of ups and downs and proves to me that the universe likes to keep a balance, thus my week:

Monday: Almost passed out at my glucose tolerance test will giving a blood sample and ended up (just barely) getting enough blood for the test. I was told I had to come back later in the week to give blood for an additional test. Universe: 1, Amanda: 0

Tuesday: Our house sold, at asking price, just 6 days after putting it on the market. Universe: 1, Amanda: 1

Wednesday: Was observed by my superintendent, who then went to my principal to sign my praises. Met with my assistant principal about an observation he did several weeks ago, got further praise and assurance of my awesomeness. Universe: 1, Amanda: 3

See the current imbalance? The universe was well aware.

Thursday: On the way to work, got rearended by a creeper at a stoplight. Sketchy guy got out of his car and said "I don't even know how that happened". Umm... dude, you were too busy playing with your cigarette to realize your foot fell off the break. As I'm looking over the back of my car, he goes "Aw, man... is my car all right?" My reply?: "I really don't care, you hit me." And then I left because my car was fine and he was giving me the creeps. I wrote down his license plate number just in case, but there's not a scratch on my car (thankfully). Universe: 2, Amanda: 3

The universe was not done with me on Thursday

Thursday afternoon I went back to the doctor's office to take care of the other blood work I needed done. Was assured by multiple nurses in the office that the lead phlebotomist would have me out of there in no time, because she's amazing... clearly the universe was not having it. She couldn't use the "good" veins in my left arm because I had a ton of bruising from Monday's fiasco, so she made an attempt at the right... and hit a nerve. Cue sharp, shooting, fire down my arm pain. I think I screamed, but she said it would be okay and that she just hit a nerve. You think? I started to feel light-headed, so she stopped, gave me some juice, and assured me that we'd "just try it again".

So I started crying. Because I'm a baby. Oh yea, and it felt like my arm was on fire. But, I pulled on my big girl panties, stuck my arm out again, and told her to just do it. Thank all that is holy (and the universe for realizing I had enough at that point) she got the blood she needed. And I got a big old bruise, sharp shooting pain for about 3 hours after and an on-again, off-again numbness in my forearm for the entire night.

Universe, you win. Thursday earned you big with the final score being Universe: 10 million, Amanda: 3

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