Saturday, December 27, 2014

Plans... let me laugh about that one

Remember Wednesday when I wrote about our Christmas Eve plans? We were going to go see Santa and have breakfast at Drew's office and spend the evening at my aunt and uncle's house.

Yeah, none of that happened.

Fynn had a cough on Monday, that developed into a cough and fever on Tuesday and on Wednesday she was still a mess. We thought about going anyway... she wasn't that sick, but about 5 minutes down the road we realized that we were being stupid and turned around to come home. Fynn was heartbroken. All she wanted was to go to Daddy's work and see Santa, but she really was just too sick to go. She and I spent the morning cuddling and resting and at noon Drew came home with a gift from Santa who missed seeing her, but hoped she was feeling better soon.

That didn't happen either.

We decided not to go to Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncles in an attempt to get Fynn to bed early and get a good night's sleep.

Guess what? That didn't happen either. 

She was up half the night coughing, fussing, and just feeling miserable. We felt awful (and tired) but there wasn't anything we could do except try to make her feel comfortable and get as much sleep as we all could. 

Christmas day was a mix of great and not-so-great. Some times she was her usual self, and then she was hacking away, grumpy and tired. Christmas night was the worst. She was up most of the night coughing and miserable. At 1:30 she woke up starving and we desperatly tried to find something for her to eat. She hadn't eaten much over the last couple of days, so we weren't surprised that she was so hungry, but she wasn't interested in eating anything we had. An hour later we snuggled back in bed again, but the rest of the night was anything but restful. 

Friday morning she woke up in a much better mood, which is where we're at now. She's been her usual self, though a little grouchier than usual due to being tired. She's been eating more and more and playing. I'm hoping that this turn around will continue, there's nothing worse than a sick kid. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

December Ipsy 2014

With the move, I was a little afraid my Ipsy bag wasn't coming. I had changed my address on the account, but I didn't know if I had done it on time. Luckily, on Monday it arrived!

BWC (Beauty without Cruelty) Premium Aromatherapy Cleanser (~$2.80 for a 2 oz sample size)

I had never heard of this brand before, but I always like trying new cleansers, so I'm psyched about this one. It smells very... clean. I can't think of another way to describe it. It's not really unscented, but it doesn't smell like chemicals or other cleaners, so I don't know how else to describe it. I'll be curious to see how well it works.

NYX Butter Lip Balm in Marshmallow ($4) 

Love this lip balm! It's super smooth feels great on. It's supposedly marshmallow scented, but I'm not smelling it... it doesn't really smell like much of anything which I'm glad about because over-scented lip balms are too much. I also really like that it's not tinted. Most of the lip balms I get through Ipsy are tinted and not always the most flattering of colors. It's nice to get one that I can wear whenever without having to think about it. The other options for the month were tinted ones, so I'm glad I got the color I did.

tarte- Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-one Mascara (~$10 for a .10 oz tube)
Perfect timing on getting this, because I just ran out of my last mascara tube from Ipsy. My favorite part of Ipsy is that I haven't had to buy mascara for the last two years... and it's the one makeup item I wear just about every day. I keep getting expensive mascaras from them, that'd I would never actually buy on my own. I've loved all the other mascaras I've gotten from them, so I'm hoping this is just as good.

Coolway Boost Hair Repair Treatment (~$3.74 for a 1 oz sample)
This smells amazing. It claims it can repair damage from hair products and heat, so I am looking forward to using this since I tend to use my hair straightener on a daily basis (okay, on work days... weekends and vacations are for messy buns and skipping showers). I'm sure using my hair straightener so much is not doing any favors for my already limp and fine hair.

Pixi by Petra Fairy Dust in Brightening Bare ($10)
Not sure about this one... it seems like Fynn should be using fairy dust to play with more than I need it for make up. It's a "glimmer eye dust" that I will most likely never use- unless I decide to attend a middle school dance. 

Not a bad Ipsy month- 4 out of 5 products are things I either already love, or I'm really excited to try. The items in the bag were worth about $30.54, as always, way more than the $10 a month I pay for my bag and well worth it since I get to try all kinds of new make up- and never buy mascara :) 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

I'm still like a little kid on Christmas Eve; I don't sleep. I still get too excited about the presents and the excitement... only now it's Fynn's excitement and presents that have me excited. Imagining her expression when she sees her gifts, her joy in all the attention, and her excitement about new toys. Being a parent is way better at Christmas than getting gifts for myself. 

Today begins the whirlwind of excitement. We're going to Drew's office today to meet Santa, see the people he works with and have breakfast in the office cafeteria. After that I'm sure she'll take a great nap this afternoon and will in no way be a beast when we go to my aunt and uncle's house for lots of food, ridiculous yankee swap gifts, and even more excitement. Luckily the ride home will be the perfect length for her to pass out, and hopefully get a good night's sleep before all the excitement tomorrow.

Even if she's exhausted, I hope the next two days are fun for all of us!

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

30 Weeks Pregnant with Boo # 2

As you saw yesterday, 30 weeks is freaking me out a bit. Here's what's been going on this week:

  • My hips are killing me. Sitting, laying, standing, there is never a time where I don't feel like my hips are tearing apart. This fact alone has me worried that Bentley will be a mid-February baby instead of an early March.
  • B is the size of a cucumber this week- 15.2-16.7 inches long and 2.5-3.8 pounds.
  • According to my calculations, I've gained about 27 pounds (eek!) so far, according to my doctor on Monday, it's 21... I like her number better.
  • Heartburn continues to be my constant (unwelcome) companion. I'm sure it's only going to get worse as he gets bigger.

  • Sleep is pretty non-existant. Between the hip pain and the heartburn I spend 90% of the night trying to get comfortable and the other 10% giving up on any level of comfort.
  • He's becoming more of a squirmy worm this past week- fewer jabs and kicks, lot's more wiggles and rolls. I'm not sure if this is because he's getting bigger or because he's just a more mellow baby than Fynn.
  • B LOVES Sam Smith. Anytime I play one of his songs he gets to jamming out in there. Sam Smith is the only artist that gets a consistent reaction from B.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Time is running out...

You know that time when you're all 5 weeks pregnant thinking about how there are 35 weeks to go and that's forever and a day away?

And then all of a sudden, you're 30 weeks pregnant and thinking that holy crap you have 10 (or fewer) weeks left until you're going to have another tiny creature demanding all your time, energy, and attention.

That's this week. 30 weeks is like the tipping point of pregnancy. That time when you're entering the realm of single digit countdowns and (if you're me) the daunting realization that this kid has about 4 outfits, no diapers, and a crib in 6 pieces as the only furniture in his room. I'm torn about this. Part of me thinks, meh, grab a pack of newborn diapers at the grocery store in about 8 weeks and I'm sure he'll get at least a couple of outfits for Christmas from family, and honestly, he's going to sleep in the co-sleeper in bed with me for the first weeks/months. What's the hurry? Then there's the anxiety and guilt ridden part of me that wants things in place for this little boys. That's the part that knows he deserves to hear when he's 5 about how we took the same pains and time to prepare for his birth as we did for his sister and that just because he's the second born doesn't mean he's not just as loved, wanted, and cared for. See my issue?

I'm on vacation the next two weeks (the second-best perk of teaching). So I'm thinking I'll use week 2 of vacation to do some work for this kid...even if that just means a little shopping to put my mind at ease. Maybe I'll even be able to convince Drew to set up the crib... just so I can feel like he has something in his room ready for him. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

29 Weeks with Boo # 2

Hey, want to know something cool? I actually wrote this post at exactly 29 weeks pregnant. Go me! Here I am, officially in the 3rd trimester. Part of me is anxious to get this kid out, while part of me is shocked how quickly it's gone by. It's this weird mix of emotions, but since this is most likely the last time I'll ever be pregnant, I'm trying to enjoy every little but that I can... not always an easy task though. Here's what went down this week:
  • Still more heartburn. Always the heartburn.
  • Much more hip and back pain. Just walking is actually pretty painful and I have a very distinct waddle going 
  • This week I had a couple of days where I had really hard belly pains. I'm not sure of they were contractions, Braxton Hicks, or just Bentley moving funny, but it was really painful and a little scary for a bit. I think that they're done (knock on wood)
  • I also had a sharp searing pain in the front of my belly one morning when I was trying to pick Fynn up. Honestly, I thought I had ripped my ab muscles apart. I'm not sure what really happened, but the pain stopped by that night, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't my muscle tearing. I guess that just reaffirms why I'm not supposed to pick her up... but you try explaining that to a 2-year-old (or finding another way to get her in the car when she's throwing a temper tantrum in the driveway at daycare)
  • At my 28 week check up, I found out I've gained 24 pounds... I may have teared up a bit when I saw that number on the scale. I haven't been paying attention to weight gain (mostly because I don't even know where our scale ended up in the whole unpacking game), so this was a bit of a shock for me... it also lets me know that I'll mostly likely be gaining more than the 33 pounds I gained with Fynn.
  • At my check up, my doctor also said I need to take it easier. She said very light exercise, if I exercise at all, and to put my feet up as much as possible
  • Baby B is the size of an acorn squash this week; 15.2-16.7 inches long and 2.5-3.8 pounds. 
  • Sleep eludes me most nights. I find myself desperately trying to get comfortable, and as soon as I'm comfortable I pass out, only to wake up a little while later because I've rolled over or that position just isn't comfortable anymore. I got an offer this week to do a review of an awesome looking pillow on here and I can't wait to get it and maybe sleep a little better. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our attempts at Elf on A Shelf

In case you're new around here, I'll just spell it out. I am in no way one of those Pinterest moms... you know. Those ladies who manage to perfectly decorate their house, keep everything organized in adorable matching baskets, make their kids balanced meals cut out into cute kid-friendly shapes, while wearing the perfect outfit. I'm lucky if I can find matching shoes and my kid doesn't have snot on her face when we go out in public. What I'm trying to say, is that our version of Elf on a Shelf does not involve elaborate scenes... heck, I'm proud of us if we manage to actually move the elf every other day. However, Fynn enjoys it, so we're making the effort (some of the time) and enjoying her joy in the magic. 

We started with reading the book (of course) and I was surprised that she was able to sit through and listen to the entire book. She even pointed to the page and talked about the elf as we read. Somehow (I blame Drew) our elf was named Donkey. Whatever, let's be honest, she won't remember the name by next year and perhaps we can get a better name out of her then. 

The next morning she found her elf on top of the tv, since we knew she would find it there right away... yeah, that says a lot about our family, doesn't it? She was so excited, but tried to touch it, and I had to remind her that if we touch the elf it takes away the magic. Clearly the message stuck because the next day she was very careful not to touch the elf and even told me not to touch because it would ruin the magic. When she told her grandmother and babysitter about the elf, she told them why we don't touch either. I was pretty impressed that it made sense for her... though that did make it hard last Friday when the elf was on her stuffed dog. She was all upset because she wanted the dog, but we couldn't touch the elf. Finally I convinced her that Mommy could move the elf just this once, and the elf would be fine... I don't know how much she believed me, because she said something about being mad at me if I ruined it... she is so my child. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

28 Weeks Pregnant with Boo # 2

The closer I get to the third trimester, the more uncomfortable I get... I remembered that from last time, but last time it wasn't quite so uncomfortable so early and I wasn't so busy. Here's what went down week 28:

More work bathroom selfies since
 I don't have a good bathroom mirror
 to takemy belly selfies in anymore
  • Heartburn is pretty much the constant state of things. So much so that I don't even bother with my tums half the time because they don't stop the burn.
  • My hips are killing me constantly and I'm finding as many excuses as I can to sit down during the day. As much of my teaching as possible is done from my desk and when I need to look at students' work, or they need help, I have them come visit me at my desk, rather than circulating around the room like I usually would. Thank goodness I have an amazing class. They are so good to me!
  • Baby B is so different than Fynn was. I might have said this before, but Fynn was such a dancer and jerked around a lot more at this point. B is super chill and just kind of floats around or moves one part at a time. I'm so hoping this chill attitude extends beyond the womb :)
  • This week Baby B is the size of an eggplant- 13.6-14.8 inches long and weighing in at 1.5-2.5 pounds... that seems both crazy huge for being in my belly, and crazy small for how large I seem. 
  • Fynn all of a sudden realized the other day that this baby is actually going to come up of my belly soon. We were driving home from daycare and I mentioned something about playing with the baby. Fynn goes "he gonna play with me?". I said "Yes Fynnie, when he gets big enough, he's going to come out and play with you." Her response? "Hooray! She likes me" (we're still working on pronouns... in Fynn's world, everyone is a "she")

Monday, December 15, 2014

The name game the second time around

Naming a second baby is WAY harder than naming the first. With the first, you just have to think about the one kid and how their name sounds. Kid #2, you have to consider how the name sounds with the first name and you have to make important decisions like whether you'll have a theme with your names (just me?). 

We played around with F names for a bit, to go with Fynnleigh, but we didn't find a single boys' name that started with an F that we would even consider. I got stuck on Irish sounding names for a bit, and wanted something like Sullivan or Callaghan. Drew hated both of them. He wanted to do something more like Lucas (which I couldn't stand).

There was, however, one name we could agree on. Therefore, Boo #2 will officially be named Bentley Ryan. Bentley was the one name we could agree on. And Ryan is Drew's middle name, so it's a nice father-son connection. Fynn is so cute saying it, it sounds more like Bentey when she says it. If you ask her about her baby though, she'll tell you the name... now at least. 

Before we told our families, she kept her little mouth shut. Drew and I were shocked. Every time someone asked her the baby's name (because they knew that she knew what it was) she would say "I not talkin'" or "Daddy said no talkin'". Even on Thanksgiving, when we told her she could tell, she refused to say it until my sister bribed her with Sour Patch Kids. Even then, they couldn't tell what she was saying and thought she was saying "Minty" or something. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

27 Weeks Pregnant With Boo #2

I'm only writing this post about 3 days late... not bad for me lately!

And this week's belly selfie comes
from the bathroom at work
  • This week we moved! Which was exhausting, and hard. It's hard not to be able to do much, but since I can't lift anything more than 30 pounds and most of our boxes weighed more than that, I spent a lot of time standing around and watching other people do the work... doesn't sound bad in theory, but it was really boring and it made me feel useless.
  • This week baby boy is the size of
  • We told our families baby boy's name on Thanksgiving and they all liked it (or at least pretended to!). 
  • I have been sooooo wiped out this week! Moving, Thanksgiving, Drew gone a lot to finish up stuff on the old house... meant no time to just sit for a bit and take a break and I definitely felt it. I had a LOT of back pain this week and a lot of hip/cervical/pressure pain as well. I know it's from overdoing it, because sitting down always made me feel better, but it's hard to take a break when you have a 2 year old running around getting into everything.
  • The heartburn is still a major beast. I have a feeling that the bigger he gets, the worse it's going to get. 
  • Know what's scary. When you all of a sudden realize that not only are you suddenly in the 3rd trimester (at least according to some calculations of it) you also have only about 13 weeks left before your kid is going to be born... yeah, yeah, it shouldn't be a surprise, except it totally is. If I didn't have my pregnancy app, I would honestly never know how far along I am. Which is awful. With Fynn I could tell you down to the minute and with this kid I'm never even sure how many months along I am. Poor second child. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Driving past the old house

One of the ways to get to the new house from work involved going past our old neighborhood. And, of course, the day we closed on the old house, I just had to take that way home. I knew it was stupid. I new that the buyers were moving in that day... but I still did it. I didn't drive into the neighborhood, but from the road, as I drove by, I could see all the outside lights on at what used to be my house.

And I lost it.

I sobbed the rest of the way home. Someone else was living in my house. MY HOUSE. People who wouldn't care that we had spent our wedding night there. Brought home our little dog when she was only about 3 pounds. They wouldn't care that they were in the house where I found out about both our babies. The house where we brought our first baby home and spent more than 9 months in a state of zombie exhaustion. They wouldn't care how carefully we had selected paint colors or that the nail holes in the living room are crooked because I clearly can't see in a straight line. The wouldn't appreciate the time and love that went into remodeling each room over the last five years and making it a home.

Worse, they're probably going to change things. Maybe even big things. In order to make it their home. And that just breaks my heart.

I know it shouldn't. We've moved on. We have a bigger house, in a great neighborhood, that is a better fit for our soon-to-be family of four. I'm happy with this house, and I know it's going to be a better home than the old house ever was... but there's a part of me that is mourning the loss of our old home.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

26 Weeks Pregnant with Boo #2

Better late than never, right... right?

I'm writing this two weeks late, so I'm trying to be as accurate as possible as what happened during week 26... we'll see how that goes.

  • Baby's name is 100% decided upon. We're still playing with a couple of middle names, but I'm pretty sure I know what we're going with.
  • Fynn knows baby boy's name, but she can't really say it well which is both funny and good, since she won't be able to spill the beans before we're ready!
  • This week Boo is the size of a head of lettuce: 13.6-14.8 inches long and 1.5-2.5 pounds
  • He's definitely getting bigger and stronger. His movements are a lot more forceful
  • The heartburn has gotten ridiculous this past week. I get it if I eat, if I don't eat, if I eat too much, if I don't eat enough. Basically I constantly feel like I've swallowed battery acid. The worst time is when I brush my teeth, after that I always take a few tums... which probably defeats the whole purpose of brushing my teeth. 
  • Sleep is also a beast. Give how tired I am, you would think I'd sleep like a log, but I can't manage to get comfortable (even with my 9 pillows)and I end up waking up all night long if I move funny or just if I hear Fynn moving in her crib. This last week was conference week, which left me feeling even more drained than before... and next week is moving week... so it looks like there won't be a break anytime soon. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

eShakti Giveaway!

Remember my gorgeous eShakti dress from last fall? Okay, so you probably don't. For a reminder, click here. Otherwise, just know that it's gorgeous and was tailored to fit me perfectly... we'll me back then, not the me that is 28 weeks pregnant.

Anyway, I was contacted by the awesome people at eShakti are offering a $50 gift card to their site for one of my lucky readers, so you can get your own, awesome dress, just in time for the holidays... or you could get a dress for the spring, or even the summer. Check out their awesome new arrivals like this beauty:

Whatever floats your boat. Entering is easy, but is only going on for the next week! Also make sure to check them out on Facebook and Pinterest to see more of they're gorgeous clothing.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The last couple of weeks

have been crazy, exhausting, and overwhelming... mostly in a good way.

In the past two weeks we moved, during a snowstorm, cleaned out our old house and finally closed on it. 

Fynn unpacking in
her new play room
We closed on the new house November 4th, but decided to wait to move until Thanksgiving week because that was the next time Drew and I had some time off and we wanted to move in at a slower pace. In the three weeks in between closing and Thanksgiving we did a lot of work to pack up stuff at the old house and move it to the new. By the day before Thanksgiving, we had moved pretty much everything except day to day essentials and the larger furniture. 

Unloading into the garage
to avoid the snow

The day before Thanksgiving we rented a u-Haul and had our awesome brothers, my mom, and Drew's dad over to help us move. Of course, then the snow started. That was fun. The u-Haul ramp got slippery, the guys all trailed snow and dirt into the old house and stuff got soaked. Then the drive to the new house (which is usually less than 20 minutes) took almost an hour with icy roads and people driving like little old ladies because it was the first snow storm of the year... seriously people, we live in Maine. Snow is expected. for some reason it's always this huge shock during the first storm and people either drive painfully slow or like complete fools and end up in a ditch. 

Anyway. We got in that day and got all the big furniture set up where we wanted it. There was still plenty of stuff left in the old house that needed to be cleared out, but the majority of our stuff was here, so it was a big relief. Because of the snow, Drew had to leave around 2:30 the next morning to plow, so we didn't exactly unpack much. Really, we didn't unpack anything. On Thanksgiving day we drove back to the old house to shower (because we hadn't had a chance to clean the new showers here yet). 

As I'm writing this post, we've lived in the new house for a week and a half... and it's been an interesting week and a half for several reasons:
  1.  Lots of work left to do at the old house: meaning Drew has been gone a lot and Fynn and I have been left to our own devices. Not a huge deal, but exhausting nevertheless... not to mention missing him!
  2. No refrigerator. We discovered a week before we moved in that the one here had died. We bought a fridge a few days after we moved in, but it was going to be two full weeks before it could be delivered. Monday is delivery day, and I could not be happier. We've been using our mini fridge from college which holds a gallon of milk and a few little things; not enough to keep a picky toddler happy and definitely a nuisance because it meant daily or at most every other day grocery store trips.
  3. No working oven. The stove top works, but the oven isn't quite right and Drew has to fix it (he claims he can, we just haven't had time). That means no fridge AND no oven... making dinner just got exponentially more difficult 
  4. No dryer- we took our washer and dryer from the old house, and were able to set up the washer right away. However, the dryer vents were FILLED with lint/hair, so we needed to clean them before setting them up. In the meantime, I did a couple of loads of laundry in the washer and just hung things up to dry all over the upstairs. The hook up was done yesterday. I've never been so happy to be able to do laundry before! 
  5. No cable or internet for the first week- The cable was no big deal, we watched some movies and were fine. Internet was another story because my grad school class is all online and I had a bunch of homework due. This meant some trips to my parents house to mooch some wifi and get my work done! 
  6. Unpacking... while almost 7 months pregnant. Means I can't lift most of the boxes and I'm exhausted after just a short time working. Progress has been slow... painfully slow. Thank all that is holy for my family. My mom, dad, and sister all came over for the day yesterday and helped us out a ton. My mom and my sister also came the day after Thanksgiving to help with a ton of unpacking and cleaning. While the house is no where near ready, it's ten times more than we would have been able to do on our own.
  7. Yesterday, we discovered that the dishwasher is broken as well. We thought it was just dirty, but when we tried to run the cleaning cycle on it today, it leaked water everywhere. Drew's hopeful that it's just a broken waterline, which would be great because we can't afford a dishwasher right now on top of everything else! 
So yeah, that's a long list of things to be dealing with these first couple of weeks. Thankfully things are settling down and falling into place. We still have a lot to work on, but the new house is starting to feel more and more like home. 
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