Thursday, December 11, 2014

27 Weeks Pregnant With Boo #2

I'm only writing this post about 3 days late... not bad for me lately!

And this week's belly selfie comes
from the bathroom at work
  • This week we moved! Which was exhausting, and hard. It's hard not to be able to do much, but since I can't lift anything more than 30 pounds and most of our boxes weighed more than that, I spent a lot of time standing around and watching other people do the work... doesn't sound bad in theory, but it was really boring and it made me feel useless.
  • This week baby boy is the size of
  • We told our families baby boy's name on Thanksgiving and they all liked it (or at least pretended to!). 
  • I have been sooooo wiped out this week! Moving, Thanksgiving, Drew gone a lot to finish up stuff on the old house... meant no time to just sit for a bit and take a break and I definitely felt it. I had a LOT of back pain this week and a lot of hip/cervical/pressure pain as well. I know it's from overdoing it, because sitting down always made me feel better, but it's hard to take a break when you have a 2 year old running around getting into everything.
  • The heartburn is still a major beast. I have a feeling that the bigger he gets, the worse it's going to get. 
  • Know what's scary. When you all of a sudden realize that not only are you suddenly in the 3rd trimester (at least according to some calculations of it) you also have only about 13 weeks left before your kid is going to be born... yeah, yeah, it shouldn't be a surprise, except it totally is. If I didn't have my pregnancy app, I would honestly never know how far along I am. Which is awful. With Fynn I could tell you down to the minute and with this kid I'm never even sure how many months along I am. Poor second child. 

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