Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our attempts at Elf on A Shelf

In case you're new around here, I'll just spell it out. I am in no way one of those Pinterest moms... you know. Those ladies who manage to perfectly decorate their house, keep everything organized in adorable matching baskets, make their kids balanced meals cut out into cute kid-friendly shapes, while wearing the perfect outfit. I'm lucky if I can find matching shoes and my kid doesn't have snot on her face when we go out in public. What I'm trying to say, is that our version of Elf on a Shelf does not involve elaborate scenes... heck, I'm proud of us if we manage to actually move the elf every other day. However, Fynn enjoys it, so we're making the effort (some of the time) and enjoying her joy in the magic. 

We started with reading the book (of course) and I was surprised that she was able to sit through and listen to the entire book. She even pointed to the page and talked about the elf as we read. Somehow (I blame Drew) our elf was named Donkey. Whatever, let's be honest, she won't remember the name by next year and perhaps we can get a better name out of her then. 

The next morning she found her elf on top of the tv, since we knew she would find it there right away... yeah, that says a lot about our family, doesn't it? She was so excited, but tried to touch it, and I had to remind her that if we touch the elf it takes away the magic. Clearly the message stuck because the next day she was very careful not to touch the elf and even told me not to touch because it would ruin the magic. When she told her grandmother and babysitter about the elf, she told them why we don't touch either. I was pretty impressed that it made sense for her... though that did make it hard last Friday when the elf was on her stuffed dog. She was all upset because she wanted the dog, but we couldn't touch the elf. Finally I convinced her that Mommy could move the elf just this once, and the elf would be fine... I don't know how much she believed me, because she said something about being mad at me if I ruined it... she is so my child. 

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