Monday, December 15, 2014

The name game the second time around

Naming a second baby is WAY harder than naming the first. With the first, you just have to think about the one kid and how their name sounds. Kid #2, you have to consider how the name sounds with the first name and you have to make important decisions like whether you'll have a theme with your names (just me?). 

We played around with F names for a bit, to go with Fynnleigh, but we didn't find a single boys' name that started with an F that we would even consider. I got stuck on Irish sounding names for a bit, and wanted something like Sullivan or Callaghan. Drew hated both of them. He wanted to do something more like Lucas (which I couldn't stand).

There was, however, one name we could agree on. Therefore, Boo #2 will officially be named Bentley Ryan. Bentley was the one name we could agree on. And Ryan is Drew's middle name, so it's a nice father-son connection. Fynn is so cute saying it, it sounds more like Bentey when she says it. If you ask her about her baby though, she'll tell you the name... now at least. 

Before we told our families, she kept her little mouth shut. Drew and I were shocked. Every time someone asked her the baby's name (because they knew that she knew what it was) she would say "I not talkin'" or "Daddy said no talkin'". Even on Thanksgiving, when we told her she could tell, she refused to say it until my sister bribed her with Sour Patch Kids. Even then, they couldn't tell what she was saying and thought she was saying "Minty" or something. 


  1. I love love love it! One of the girls from Teen Mom (1) has a little boy named Bentley and he is just the cutest thing ever so I always associate his name with him. I think it's so adorable!


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