Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Parenting Success

There are so many things about parenting that I'm unsure of. Things I regret, would do differently, or worry are scarring my kids for life. But the one thing, I know we're doing right:

Our kids know we love them. Well, at least Fynn does, Bentley can't communicate this fact yet, but I can tell.

Fynn tells us she loves us multiple times a day. She'll grab our faces out of no where just to plant a kiss and say "love you". The other day I was talking to her about being safe while walking the dog and she said "you keep me safe because you love me, mom". And while the fact that she calls me Mom more and more these days rather than Mama or Mommy makes me realize just how much she's growing up, the fact that she so matter of factly assumes my love for her just melts me. 

I'm by no means a perfect mom. Some days I'm the worst. But my kid knows she's loved.

That's enough for me. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

5 More Weird Facts About Me

I haven't done a post like this for awhile, but it seems like a good time to out some more of my strangeness. You're welcome.
  1. If you say "cray" or "cray cray" out loud in front of me, I will lose all respect for you. Though, to be honest, if you're the type of person who says that, I probably didn't have any respect for you to begin with
  2. I don't cut my nails unless they break, and even then I just trim the broken ones until they're decently shaped and then move on with my day.
  3. Speaking of nails, since having kids I refer to my pinky nails as "booger pickers" and am bummed when they break
  4. I'm super freaked out that I'll ruin my perfect 4.0 GPA in grad school during these last two classes. Because that would clearly be a tragedy 
  5. I am obsessed with all things breastfeeding. If I could, I would totally bail on teaching and become a lactation consultant, that's how into nursing I am. Seriously, it's facinating stuff and I read any and everything I can get my hands on regarding nursing. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Glamulet for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is well-known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everything lately is pink and pink ribbons and focused on raising awareness and money to support breast cancer charities. I love that, as a society, we're able to get behind this movement and support so many women and their loved ones faced with breast cancer. I also love teams, groups, and businesses that go above and beyond to support this important cause. 
Glamulet is joining in this month with their new, limited charms for breast cancer awareness month. Glamulet charms are beautiful, and varied; allowing you to mix and match to create personalized jewelry that truly represents you. For the month of October, they've created a special Pink Charms line to support breast cancer awareness. These charms are gorgeous, but they're more than that as Glamulet donates 50% of their sales from the Pink Charms line to charities that support breast cancer. 

ain't nobody got time for that

*I received product samples in exchange for my honest opinion.

Yes. I did just title my post that.

But I'm talking nails. As in I keep trying to do mine and five minutes after I paint them I end up needing to nurse/change/procure a snack for one of my tiny humans and end up with smeared, chipped or otherwise ruined nails. The first month of school I rocked some half-peeled blue sparkle polish because I didn't have time to repaint and I was too lazy to find the polish remover. It was classy.

BrandBacker was kind enough to send me some samples of imPress press on nails to try out which I figured was a no brainer due to the aforementioned nail situation. Here's the deal:


  • Super easy. I'm talking 5 minutes from opening the box to moving on with your day
  • Those bad boys are stuck on tight. which means I went straight from pressing the nails on to typing on the laptop without hesitation.
  • Easy. I half read the instructions and still managed to make it work
  • No drying time: which is where my manicures usually bite the dust. 
  • They're pretty and shiny- when my manicures are usually semi-streaky and uneven.
  • Easy to remove- I haven't taken the off yet, but I did screw one up and it was easy to peel off
  • Several of my natural nails were longer than the press-ons... which probably just means I need to cut my nails more often
  • Even though they come with 24 nails per pack, I still had a couple that didn't have a great fit... not sure if that's a common issue or I just have weird size nails
  • If you accidentally put them on crooked or otherwise wrong, peeling them off to replace bends the nail up a bit.

The pros absolutely outweigh the cons and I like my imPress manicure. I received two different colors, and went with the darker ones this time around, but once I take these off, I'm excited to try out the light tan colored ones I got too.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Still alive


  • Life these days consist of:
  • wake up
  • get kids ready
  • go to work
  • pick kids up
  • scramble to fit dinner, play, and showers into the 2 hours we have before bed time
  • put Fynn to bed
  • struggle to get Bentley to sleep
  • frantically attempt to get grad school work done
  • shower
  • bed
  • up 4-5 times a night to feed/re-sleep baby
  • wake up and do it all again

It gets easier... right?

If you're just missing me too, I insta-the-gram way too regularly due to it's (duh) instantaneous feature. Add me @Amanda102602 and we can be virtual besties. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Gist of Things

  • Right now things are crazy- there just aren't enough hours in the day for a full time job (at which I pump 4 times a day), the grad school class from hell, taking care of 2 kids and a dog and attempting to get at least 4-6 hours of sleep a night. I knew something had to give; so it's the blog and the cleanliness of my house. I've never claimed to be a neat person, but the state of our home these days is just shameful... if only I had the energy to feel shame over it.
  • My grad school class is consuming me, and leaving me stressed and anxious all the time. 11 more weeks of this misery and only one more class after that... I keep reminding myself that it will be worth it in the end... right?
  • I forgot how all-consuming being a working, breastfeeding mom. While I try to focus on my students and their myriad of needs during the school day, but the boobs have definitely been a priority some days and I find myself correcting papers, reading teacher's editions and tapping out parent e-mails on my phone while pumping. If nothing else, my multi-tasking skills have been significantly improved... If only I could nap while pumping, my life would be complete.
  • Because yes, of course, once I went back to work my formally great-sleeping bambino decided that nursing all night long was the way to go, so nights are not in the least bit restful.
  • I've now used up the 10 minutes of free time I allotted myself before diving into my action research project...peace out until the next time I can procrastinate.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Saturday mornings.

Friday night Drew tried to convince me to stay up for one more episode of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix by saying I wouldn't have to get up with Fynn the next morning;

"We'll cuddle and spoon until 7am when I'll move and she'll get up. Then we'll share a pot of coffee while we watch Dora the Explorer."

At least they have their routine. And I get to sleep.

Alas, he lied, Bentley ended up being up at 6 and Fynn and 6:30, so we were all up and moving despite my body's protests and demands for more sleep.

Friday, September 11, 2015

July and August Reads

In working towards my current reading goal of 60 books before I turn 30, here's what I read in July and August:

1)Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult
Like all her books this one was spell binding. I really wish she had millions of books because I could subside off of her books alone. The way she weaves characters and their stories is always flawless. This one revolves around elephants. The main main character is a young girl who wants to find her mother; a former elephant sanctuary co-owner who disappeared the same night one of the other elephant handlers was found dead. Initially the story seems straightforward, but of course Picoult surprises you in the end and stuns you with something you should have realized all along.

2) Toddlers Are A**holes by Bunmi Laditan
I had been reading this book on and off since my friend gave it to me in June, but in July I sat down and finished it after having a couple of particularly rough days with a certain 3 year old. This book was hilarious and details all the ways a toddler tortures and beats down the adults in his/her life. I related to so many of the things horrible toddlers do, and it often made me laugh because no one toddler could be THAT horrible. This book definitely served its purpose of making me feel better about my own kid.

3) The Thief of Always by Clive Barker
This book was in my new reading curriculum and immediately caught my eye. It's a fantasy story with a bit of a dark side. In it kids are enticed to go to the Holiday House where all of their wants will be met. The main character, Harvey, goes there because he's bored and soon discovers just how perfect it is... until he realizes that getting everything he's ever wanted actually doesn't make him happy. Shocker. The dark side comes when he realizes that leaving won't be so easy. 

4) One Plus One by Jojo Moyes
A random pick at the library before vacation in August, but I ended up really like it. In this book, a single mom who's struggling to make ends meet tries to make a big change to help her daughter go to private school. She ends up getting help from a rich man whose house she cleans and (of course) they end up falling for each other. There were no major twists or craziness in this book, but it was still and interesting and enjoyable book- especially when you're on vacation.

5) The Painted Girls by
I love historical fiction, I just love reading about living in different times. This book was interesting because it focuses on ballet girls in Paris, especially Marie, Antionette, and Charlotte van Goethem- sisters who all approach dance in different ways and have different experiences with teachers, boys, and trying to make enough money to keep their family fed. I wasn't enthralled by this book, but I found it interesting and enjoyed it.

6) The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
Again, I love Jodi Picoult and all her books, but this one may be my favorite. Okay, I say that about all of them, but this one I just couldn't get off my mind while reading it and even after I was done it stuck with me. This one focuses around the Holocaust. Picoult weaves the story of a modern day atheist with physical and emotional scars who meets a man who claims to be a former Nazi. As she investigates his past (along with a man from the FBI) she learns all about her grandmother's experience in the Holocaust. The story is told from the perspectives of two Nazi officers, a young girl in the midst of things, and present day characters as well. This book made my heart heavy and reminded me again just how lucky I am to live the life I do.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The next 16 weeks may be the death of me.

My grad school class that started last Wednesday, may kill me. I actually cried Wednesday night looking at all that is involved in this class and picturing doing all of it while taking care of my two babies, working full time and trying to get a little bit of sleep in. Oy to the vey.

This last week has been hell on wheels with going back to work and having my class start and I'm feeling painfully stressed and lacking for time. There just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything I've committed to done. 

As I'm writing this, I'm alternating sentences with blowing on Bentley's belly, checking my grad class discussion forum for feedback on my proposal (which is due tomorrow, YIKES) and praying that Fynn stops yelling soon and takes a much needed (by all of us) nap.

Last week was one of the hardest weeks I've had in a long time. Worse than going back to work for a bit when Bentley was 3 months old. Those first days of school are always exhausting and hectic, but throwing in some sleep deprivation, pumping four times a day at work and this crazy class I'm taking and I just felt pulled in too many directions at once. By the time I got home at night my chest felt tight and I desperately wanted just a few minutes to myself. Instead I got Fynn melting down because she didn't nap, Bentley clinging like crazy because he missed me, and the dog freaking out because she was alone all day.

I'm hoping this week is going to be better. That I'll get into a routine at school that allows me function better and that I can find more time at night after the kids go to bed to get both school work and grad work done.

Wish me luck! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My first 29th birthday.

From here on out, subsequent birthdays shall merely be the anniversaries of my 29th birthday as I think 30 is just too strange when I still feel like I'm 17 most days.

Last Thursday was my birthday. As usual I looked forward to it with childish abandon, and as usual I was disappointed. Adult birthdays just aren't any fun. No one gets all excited, you don't get a big party, or tons of presents, and you look like a fool if you go around pronouncing it's your day of birth all day, so most people just have no idea.

The morning started off rough as I was tired (courtesy of a 3 year old who wakes up screaming at the wee hours of the night and a clingy bambino who was very upset that I had been back at work that week). That tired led to me snapping at Drew about getting everything ready for the morning and me leaving almost n tears because he hadn't even said happy birthday. Lame Drew, Lame. 

I had drop off that morning which meant I couldn't pump on the way to work like I usually do (too many distractions to be even remotely safe) and I got to work 25 minutes later than usual. I had just enough time for a 15 minute pumping session before starting off with my kids. That session was long enough to realize I had forgotten the bottle bags (that I put pumped bottles into before putting in the work fridge) AND my freezer bag that I put my pump in between session so I don't have to wash it every time.

When I finally made it to my classroom, I discovered a super-sweet coworker had bought me one of my beloved DD iced teas and another brought me gorgeous flowers. I thought my awful morning was ending. (Drew even called to wish me a happy birthday, finally). The Facebook posts and texts were arriving and I was starting to feel all loved. 

Then I tripped over my computer cord and spilled my iced tea all over the carpet in my classroom. Major bummer. My students were incredibly sweet and grabbed millions of paper towels to mop it all up. The rest of the morning was hectic and busy with pumping, meetings, and 22.2 seconds to scarf down some lunch before the kids got back.

Thankfully Drew took care of me and the day got better with some Thai food for dinner, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes (yum!) and a cute card from the kids. I also got a good laugh when I realized that Drew doesn't know how to spell his own son's name. Good thing I took care of all the paperwork in the hospital :) 

The day got better, and it ended up being a nice birthday, but birthdays just don't feel special anymore which is such a disappointment. I guess that just means I need to be a real grown up and stop caring so much about the anniversary of my birth... no promises, but I'll work on it. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Bentley is 6 months old!

Actually, Bentley was 6 months old over a week ago, but I'm a crap mom and he's the second born, so while I acknowledge the excitement of half a year last more than 2 weeks ago, I didn't get around to taking his 6 month picture until a week later or writing this post until yesterday. #momfail

  • Bentley-boy continues to be the sweetest and happiest baby that ever graced the planet (or at least that I've come into contact with. I mean seriously, this kid hardly ever cries. He loves life and can always find something to grin about. If he is upset, he'll make less-irritating noises to tell us he's hungry/tired/bored... if he gets to the point of actually crying, we know we haven't been paying attention to his cues.
  • He's a little flirt too; he will go to anyone who wants to hold him and loves to grin, coo, and bat his sweet little eyes at him until they cave and acknowledge how freaking adorable he is.

  • We started solids about a week before his 6 month b-day by giving him some chunks of avocado which were not well-received. Since then he's had some watermelon, banana, and apple. We're continuing to do the baby-led weaning method we did with Fynn. So far it's going well and I'm way less worried about doing it the "right" way this time, so we're just taking it one day (and food) at a time.
  • This kid is a mover and a shaker. He rolls, crawls, and scoots his way to wherever he wants to go. Forward crawling is a slow process, but he can book it backwards at scary speeds and has found other methods that get him around. 

  • He also sits up completely unassisted and can get himself in and out of a sitting position alone. I don't even know if these are age-appropriate milestones, but I feel like Fynn was doing these things way later.
  • He loves to explore. If I put him down on the floor he just scoots around from toys to books to whatever random crap is also on the floor and is completely happy.
  • This past week he's been making more sounds- particularly a high-pitched screech which I can see getting old, but is still new enough to be cute.
  • He's been sleeping through the night since he was 3ish months old. Last week we were on vacation and his sleep cycle got a little screwed up (going to bed for the night at 10 instead of 8 for example), but I think we're getting back on track. Even though he was going to bed later, he was still sleeping through until 4-5 AM which makes him my favorite child (sorry Fynn if you're reading this in the future... but you should have slept more)
  • His naps have been shorter lately, and I'm wondering if he's transitioning from needing 3 naps instead of 2. We'll see. I have a feeling 3 will stick for a bit since I start back at work next week and he'll probably end up taking a 3rd nap on the way home at night since it's a 45 minute commute right at the time he usually takes his 3rd nap.
  • At his 6 month check up Wednesday, he weighed in at 14 lbs 6 oz and is 2' 2" tall. He's wearing size 2 diapers and 6 month clothing.. although last night Drew put him in 9 month pjs and I cried a little bit on the inside. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

I quit my workouts

Notice how I haven't written about my workouts in awhile?

Yeah, that's because I haven't been doing them.

Between grad school work, two kids, a needy dog, vacation, prepping for back to school, and a million other things... I just didn't care. I went for a couple of runs. Daily walks. Chased after kids... but I stopped caring about fitting in my T25 workouts in the short 20 minutes I occasionally had to myself over the last few weeks and instead just did whatever I felt like doing.

Which has been great. Less stress. I stopped feeling guilty. And somehow I lost 4 pounds while eating cheetos and ice cream several times a week. 

I'll take it. I'm now a mere 6 pounds away from my goal/pre-preg weight.

Also. Today I'm back at work for my first staff day and I'd be lying if I said the bad mom part of me was a little relieved to have 8 whole hours of my only mom responsibility being pumping. Today feels like a vacation in spite of meetings, cleaning, and room set up. I've said it before; clearly I'm not meant to be a stay at home mom. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sometimes I question my decision to become a mother

Picture it:

7 am- I'm laying in bed marveling that both kids are still sleeping and hoping like hell the dog stays quiet and doesn't wake them up, so I can have a few more precious moments of piece. Then I hear it. The pitiful, pathetic cries of a 3 year old sobbing "I have to go pee". It's a cry that can not be ignored. So I head into her room only to have her screech "no, I don't like Mommy, I wan't Daddy" the second I step through the door. I spend the next five minutes trying to explain that Daddy is already at work between high-pitched yelps and wall kicking. Give up. Head back to my room to find the dog licking the baby's face. I sigh, scoop him up, and discover that Bentley has leaked all through his diaper and onto my bed. As I strip the sheets, Fynn sprints past me into my bathroom yelling "I said I have to pee" as though I've just ignored her for the past 15 minutes. Then I hear, "I need you to wipe me". Sure kid, thanks for making my wildest dreams come true.

7:30- both kids are cleaned up and I'm dressed. We have to leave at 9:20 this morning for double check ups and I'm feeling smug and prepared (big mistake). We've got plenty of time. I get both kids up in carriers and we take the dog for a quick walk. Fynn's laughing in the Tula on my back and I'm thinking that we've gotten over our grouchy mood for the morning.

Bentley scoots around the floor playing while Fynn eats a banana and I mess around on my phone checking all the social media I missed since bed the night before. I even take a cute Snapchat of Fynn eating her banana while "feeding" Bentley a plastic one. Aren't we adorable?

7:45- time to get ready. We head upstairs for the kids to get dressed, and meltdown #2 ensues. The next hour and a half is spent with Fynn screaming, putting clothes on, tearing them off, lots of tears (hers) and exasperation (mine) and as I scurry down the stairs at 9:15 fuming, Fynn is just in her skivvies and I have a massive headache as I threaten to leave her at home while B and I go to the Drs. The next ten minutes are a blur as I shove what we need into the backpack, strap B into his carseat and somehow coax/wrestle Fynn into the least offensive article of clothing she owns- a baggy dress that meshes well with her hobo rats nest of a hairstyle.

9:30- we head out of the drive way, Fynn screeching about her buckle being too tight and that I'm a yucky Mommy. As I drive I realize that I haven't eaten anything and Fynn's only had a banana. Great. Attempt to stop at DD for a bagel, but the drive through line is a mile long and we're already late. Somehow I convince Fynn to brush her hair with the hairbrush I oh-so-conveniently stashed in my pocket 

9:55 (appointment is at 10). We make it to the Drs... but there's another DD right down the road so I sidetrack for a bit to grab bagels and my (much needed iced tea). Scarf down my bagel while unstrapping kids, putting B in the Tula and lugging two kids and a backpack into the drs office. The receptionist gives me the side eye as I check in and Fynn sits on the floor to happily smear cream cheese all over her dress.

Of course Fynn is perfect the entire time we're at the doctors (After all, it's just me that she hates), and both kids walk out with star check ups, though we did get a referral to OT for Fynn which I'll write about later- that's a post in it's own.

11:30- Driving home. Bentley passed out like the good little cherub that he is and Fynn kept her whining to a dull whimper as I began to wonder... why? Why did I want this so badly? Twice? 

I need a nap.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This kid is into everything!

Photo evidence
The title of this post alone should tell you tons about my housekeeping skills as the kid in question is a mere foot tall when on all fours and has yet to master any skills that elevate him to higher planes. Therefore the "everything" that he manages to get into, is all on the floor. And to be even more honest, on the floor in my living room which is where we spend about 95% of our time these past couple of days with all the rain and aborted naps. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

I've lost my voice

Metaphorically speaking. Physically I'm still able to yell down the stairs for Fynn to knock it off... but my writing voice, that I've lost.

I started this blog more than 4 years ago as a place for myself. To document and share and flex my puny communication skills, but really just because I'm a vapid narcissistic who likes the sound of her own voice (or keyboard).

And then the blog got bigger and sponsorship came in and I got some swag and some cash and I started molding this place of mine on the internet after bigger fish I strove to become. And I lost me. And I lost the joy in writing.

The last couple of months I've been blogging out of a self-inflicted sense of obligation. Which is something I never wanted to do. I always swore that when it wasn't fun anymore, I wouldn't do it... which is why it's been crickets around here for a couple of weeks. 

Life has been busy. And fun. And overwhelmingly filled with love and chaos and headaches and laughter and tears. Life with two tiny humans is the most amazing and horrific thing I've ever done and I've just been enjoying it this summer.

That joy hasn't been in my writing.

So. Here goes. My blog rebirth. I'm writing for me and what makes me happy and I'm not going to worry about having the "right" tone or style or even grammar really. Sure, there will still be sponsored posts. This blog doesn't run itself for free and I like pretty things, but I'm focusing on what's important from here on out. And if I'm not inspired to write, then I won't.

Monday, August 3, 2015

When will the madness end?

I have an obsession. If you know me in real life, you've probably heard all about it; I'm obsessed with babywearing. I can't help myself. They're adorable and practical and allow me to get stuff done all while snuggling this teeny-tiny human that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

But it is sheer madness. I wrote about my obsession back in January, and again in March, and since then it has only gotten worse. 

With Fynn I had a Bjorn, a hiking carrier, a mai tai and a Seven Sling. They got used occasionally, but they weren't "must haves" and I didn't get all into it. Then I was prego with B and asked on a mothering group FB page about how they manage a toddler and newborn. "Babywearing!" I was told, over and over again. So I looked into it. 

That's wear the obsessing began. Before B was born, I convinced Drew to buy an Ergo 360 (with the infant insert). Then when B was just a couple of weeks old I realized that he was just too tiny for the Ergo and NEEDED a ring sling. So I got one off Etsy and it was tiny-squish, babywearing love. For the first three months of his life I wore him daily in either our mai tai or ring sling and was oh so happy. Once B was big enough to fit comfortably in the Ergo, I fell in love with Tulas. They just looked so cute and comfy and hello, the prints were adorable. So I began obsessing. 

When the gorgeous Spotted Love Tula was restocked, I bit the bullet and just bought one because I had been stalking the buy/sell/trade Facebook page for weeks looking for one at or just above retail. (to clarify, unlike everything else in the world, used Tulas actually sell for more than new most of the time especially if it's a limited or discontinued print. Sometimes at crazy-high prices that will nake your head spin).

I should be all set. I currently have seven! (omg, that sounds ridiculous) Seven baby carriers. That's enough to wear him in a different one every day. Seriously, enough carriers for just about every baby-wearing situation.


To clarify, I just want more Tulas, because they totally live up to their hype, but I just want them. They are everything my mommy-heart desires and I just want to scoop them all up. But that would be ridiculous. And I shouldn't do that. But I want to.

So help me though, if Prepster shows up anywhere at retail, I'll be scooping it up before you can say #wearallthebabies. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Workout Plan: Week 5

Monday: T25 Ab Intervals. I rocked this. Both kids napped at the same time (thank you nap gods!) Totally kicked butt. I finished up drenched in sweat and on Wednesday my abs were still sore which felt good. I'm a freak.

Tuesday: T25 Lower Focus. Another win. Rocked this out while B was napping in the morning which was a great start to a busy day. 

Wednesday: T25 Cardio. I didn't get the chance to workout during the day, but when Drew got home he took B to the grocery store with him and Buggy was taking a late nap so I managed to squeeze it in. Just barely. Bugs woke up as I was heading upstairs for my shower. 

Friday: T25 Total Body Circuit- Still hate it. Still sweat like crazy, so I guess it's a good workout. 

Lost a pound this week. It was probably just a matter of weighing myself after nursing, but I'll call it a success anyways. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bentley is 5 Months!

He may still be a tiny peanut, but this kid is already 5 months old. This month he:

  • Moves! He can roll both ways like a pro and wiggle-worm himself in any direction he wants to go. It's hilarious, but it worries me a bit that he's going to be crawling before I know it, and that's when things get scary!
  • Talks. He is making more and more sounds and trying to copy us more. One day this month, I was being an awesome mom and bribed Fynn with a bagel from DD if she was good while my car was inspected. As we left, Fynn asked if she had been a good girl, and Bentley said "ah-no". Fynn and I just about died laughing at that one. Obviously he wasn't really saying no, but it was just the best timing. 
  • Found his toes. He loves to grab them and hold them and even just stare at him.
  • Maybe knows his name- He turns and responds to his name, so we're thinking that he somehow knows it means him.
  • Knows about his fingers. He watches them very intently as he moves them and has figured out how to grab toys and his sister's hair. He's also figured out how to get the things he has grabbed into his mouth
  • Only wakes up once a night (usually) to nurse and go right back to sleep.
  • Loves TV and any other type of screen. When Fynn was this age it was so easy to keep her away from TV... this time not so much. If the TV is on, he will roll and scoot into a position where he can see. Fynn had the iPad across the room from him the other day and within 2 minutes he had scooted over to see what she was doing.

  • Loves his Crinkle Bear... which is actually a monkey. What evs. Drew and I both thought it was a bear until their babysitter said otherwise one morning. He loves this thing and it goes in the car with us anytime we go. All you hear while driving is a steady *crinkle,crinkle,crinkle* 
  • Wearing a combination of 3-6 month and 6 month clothing. 3-6 month stuff is getting tight, but the 6 month stuff is still big. Waist-wise he fits into 3 month pants, and he's been wearing some of those on cooler days since they're not really long enough, but it works
  • He weighs about 13 pounds now. On Tuesday he weighed in at 12 lbs 14 ounces. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dance Class for a 3 Year Old

Last summer Buggy and I did a Mommy and Me creative movement class at a local dance studio and it was far from love for her. Despite a love of music and dancing, she just couldn't get into the class... even though it was mostly free dance with a few across the floor activities such as rolling and skipping. I don't know if it was her feeling shy and/or out of place and couldn't find her comfort zone.

Regardless of the past, Buggy said she wanted to do dance class again this summer, so I signed her up for the same class. It's a class for 2-3 year olds, so she'll be one of the older kids this summer which may help her confidence level- especially since she's physically stronger and more advanced this summer. 

The first class went pretty well. She ran out to her "spot" for warm ups and was ready to go, but then some of the other kids started flipping out about needing their moms to stand with them, so I think she got nervous and wanted me right next to her. She was a little clingy through the warm up and stretching, but when it was time to do jumps and rolls across the mat, she ran away and wanted to be first for each one. When the parachute came out, I don't even think she remembered I was there. They ended class with some freeze dance and she was running around, spinning, and having a blast.

The second class was even better. She clung for less time and after stretching she didn't even look at me until she ran over to ask me to take a picture of "all of them". The ride home both time was spent talking about how much fun she had and asking if she can go again tomorrow; so clearly she's enjoying it. I'm also loving that it's weekly mommy-Fynn time. It's great to get out of the house with just her to do something fun together. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Workout Plan: Week 4

It started off so well...

Monday: T25 Cardio- This one is actually getting a little easier which is making me feel like these workouts are worthwhile. 

Tuesday: T25 Speed 1.0- Ugh. I still hate this one. Not only do my calves burn and my body just hates jumping that much, but my knee started clicking halfway through, so I had to be careful that my hip didn't pop out and create some major issues.

And then it all hit the fan- Wednesday-Friday were no nap days for Fynn combined with 20 minute naps for B... by the time they were both asleep at night, I had just enough energy to eat some dinner and pass out... except they were both up a lot those nights, so sleep wasn't actually happening.

Saturday: T25: Total Body Circuit. B napped just long enough for me to rock out this workout. This is the one workout in the Alpha series that works arms and it always reminds me how I have absolutely no upper body strength. 

The scale hasn't budged in 4 weeks, but my pre-pregnancy "fat" clothes finally fit again which I guess is success? It feels like one, but it also feels like I've got a long way to go before I fit into my regular per-pregnancy clothes again... and that doesn't feel great at all.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sometimes I should listen to my anxiety

My anxiety increases to astronomical proportions whenever I attempt new things. I worry and perseverate and often, I end up bailing on those new things because the anxiety of all that could go wrong freaks me out that I just can't do it.

Yesterday, I powered through my anxiety.

I was so proud of myself. I was invited to a play group, with moms I don't know well, at a park I've never been to, in a place I'm not comfortable driving by myself. And I did it anyway.

Since being invited last week, I've been stressing about it. I've worried about what to bring to make sure I have everything I need for both kids. I worried about where I was going to part. Whether to bring the stroller or just a carrier. I worried about getting lost on the way, or not being able to find the group when I got there. I worried about having B in the sun, or Buggy getting cranky. I worried about what to pack for lunch, so Buggy might actually eat, and about getting home in time for her nap before the exhausted-demon rears her ugly head. I laid in bed the night before filled with anxiety and imagining all the what-ifs of the situation and worried some more.

Okay, go ahead and laugh. But if you have anxiety, I know you feel me here. It may seem stupid, but this one playdate filled my head with dread for almost a week. I'm trying to work through some of my anxiety, and not let it prevent me from doing things I want to do.

So I went.

Driving was fine. Parking was fine. I found one of the moms immediately, and we had a great time. Playing occurred, and we lost track of all time. Suddenly it was 12:30, B was starving and Buggy was yelling that she needed to potty. Right. Now. So I repacked our stuff, said our goodbyes and pushed Buggy in the stroller and B in the carrier and hurried to find a bathroom. Of course, there were only port-a-potties. The first set (that we had used a little earlier) was nasty, across the park from where we were, and Buggy refused to go back to it. The second set we found was locked. We got to the third set just as another woman did. She looked at us, smirked, and rushed ahead of us to do her business while Buggy was crying that she needed to go. Classy. When she finally emerged, Buggy was squirming and the woman said "sorry, I used the rest of the toilet paper". Thanks lady.
There were no other places nearby, and Buggy refused to go to any more "yucky potties" or go outside somewhere, so we hauled our exhausted, hungry, grumpy selves back to the car and booked it out of there to look for a place with a bathroom. 

There we were, driving in a place I'm not comfortable driving. I don't know any of the local places. Buggy is sobbing that she needs to pee. B is starting to flip because he's still hungry and I'm feeling like crying because I'm overwhelmed, tried, and hungry myself.

Finally I found a place to take Buggy to the bathroom, so we scurried in at .02 miles and hour, did our thing, and got back in the car. After that, we still had a 25 minute ride home which was spent with B fussing, Buggy yelling about hating her carseat, and me regretting the outing completely. We got home eventually. An hour past nap time.

I probably should have listened to my anxiety and stayed home yesterday morning.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Workout Plan: Week 3

Monday: Cardio Meldown (Level 1) and 1 hour of hill walking. Somehow the planets aligned and both kids napped at the same time, so I got in some Jillian time. It was a decent workout, but it wasn't as great as I remember it being. I'm not sure if that's because I'm getting into better shape, or just because it was less cardio than the T25 series so I just didn't feel as winded. That night, Drew and I took the kids for an hour long walk. Now normally, I wouldn't count a walk in my workout as I walk the dog at least once a day, but we went at a quick pace, did all the hills in our neighborhood (and that's a LOT of hills) and I had Bentley strapped on in the Ergo. Drew and I were both drenched in sweat and my legs ached, so I consider that a pretty good workout.

Tuesday: T25 Lower Focus-Another success! Fynn was at daycare and Bentley took a two hour morning nap which means I whipped out this workout, showered, dressed AND cleaned the kitchen before he got up. Talk about a good morning. I love the Lower Focus workout, pretty sure it's my favorite. It leaves me sweating and shaking and feeling like it was 25 minutes well spent.

Wednesday: T25 Speed 1.0. I hate this one. It's all speed and agility which I have none of so I spend the whole workout cursing Shaun T and feeling like a fool. Yes, yes, yes, I'm sore and sweaty after so it's clearly a good workout, but man do I hate it. 

Friday: T25 Ab Intervals- Now that I'm doing the moves correctly (or at least better) my back hurts less and my abs hurt more. 

I did it! I met my goal of working out 4 times this week. Only took 3 weeks of trying, but finally a success. Next week I'm hoping to follow the Focus T25 Alpha Workout plan which calls for 5-6 workouts a week. I'm not even going to attempt to do the double workouts on Fridays, but I will try to do the original 5 and perhaps throw in that extra workout on Saturday. Hopefully. I don't want to push too hard, but I am already feeling stronger and better about myself... even if the scale still shows those 10 extra pounds. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Making time for the older sibling

A lot of my attention these days is focused on Bentley. He needs me in a way only a teeny-tiny baby can, and that often means that Fynn does not get as much of my undivided attention as she used to. The weeks that I went back to work were particularly tough and I was feeling like I wasn't giving her enough attention and that we just weren't spending enough time together.

The Friday after school got out, Fynn and I went on a Mommy/Daughter date to a nearby farm that does a Friday morning tour for families. Fynn and I went last summer, but I thought she'd love it more now that she's older and that it meant time alone with me. 

The farm itself was awesome. Fynn had a blast checking out the horses, pigs, sheep, and goats. She LOVED milking her first cow, and even though she was nervous around the chickens, she really enjoyed petting one and collecting eggs. The whole morning she kept telling me that it was "so much fun". After the farm, we went out to lunch together and did a little shopping before heading home. It's been 3 weeks since our farm morning, and she still talks about how much she liked it. I'm thinking another day like this needs to happen soon, it was great for both of us.

Friday, July 10, 2015

3rd to last class

Last week I started my next grad school class, my first since Bentley was born and my 3rd to last... and that feels amazing. I love taking classes in the summer because I'm not working and can focus on my school work. I also love it because I just love school (nerd alert!). This one is pretty cool because it's all about study skills and continued literacy learning for students. That said, trying to juggle both kids, workouts, keeping the house clean, AND my coursework? Is proving harder than I thought it would be. Doing my work at night after both kids are asleep is the best time for me to have uninterrupted work time, but by then I'm so wiped from the day that it's hard to concentrate. That's also my only time with Drew during the day, so I had spending it reading or working on assignments. Nap time is my second best time to work, but again that means both kids have to sleep at the same time AND stay asleep long enough for me to work. Even when that happens, I'm torn between getting my work done and working out.

Okay, enough whining, I promise. I'm excited to be back at school because I'm a nerd, and I'm even more excited to be so close to earning my master's degree.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My New Reading Goal

I met my goal of reading 30 books during the 2014-2015 school year, so now I'm reading for my next goal. I'm thinking more long-term this time, so my goal is for the next year- I want to read a total of 60 books by the end of August 2016. I'm calling this my 60 Before 30, since I will turn the big 3-0 that September. 

15 months, 60 books. I'm in need of some recommendations for this goal, so if you have books that you loved, let me know.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Workout Plan: Week 2

I'm kind of blowing this whole workdown thing... this week was not good at all in terms of my workouts OR my eating... we'll chalk it up to the holiday weekend and Fynn's birthday. I guess.

Monday: I got the week off to a great start by doing Focus T25 Cardio at naptime. Bentley work up during the cooldown and flipped out, but I got the entire workout done and did my own cooldown by walking around with him.

Tuesday: Fail. Fynn's daycare was unexpectedly closed and she was in rare form. Even though we spent the morning at the beach and she was she refused to take a nap, which meant no workout for me.

Wednesday: I did T25 Lower Focus which I'm pretty sure is my favorite T25 workout. It's intense and leaves me dripping with sweat and my legs shaking which sounds miserable, but makes it feel like I've made good use of my time.

Thursday: T25 Ab Intervals- I've been thinking that I was do this wrong; I end up with my back aching more than my abs. Drew watched me during part of this and made me realize that my form was off for a big part of it. Once I fixed that, it was a much better ab workout. 

Friday-Sunday: Major Fail. Between Fynn's actual birthday, her birthday party, and recovering from those two days... a workout was the last thing on my mind,

I worked out 3 times this week... here's to hoping I find more success next week. I need to do more than hope though, I have to do a better job of making it happen.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June Reads

June brought the end of the school year and the end of my 30 book goal for the school year. I'm happy to say that I exceeded my goal by one book which isn't a lot, but I'm still proud of myself considering how crazy of a school year this has been. 

28. The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner
This was such an intense book. Very similar to an episode of Criminal Minds (which I no longer watch because it gives me nightmares). In short, it's the story of a woman who realizes her husband is a serial killer and is after her. She helps the police arrest him, but he escapes two years later from prison and goes on another killing rampage trying to get to his wife. The book was a little gory, but so interesting and engaging that I couldn't put it down. I read this book mostly during my pumping sessions when I was back at work, and it was so good it made me want to keep pumping :) 

29. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
This was such a random pick, but ended up being a really good book. It's told from the perspective of a guy named Lincoln whose job is to read flagged e-mails at a newspaper to see who is misusing work e-mail. E-mails written between two women, Jennifer and Beth, keep getting flagged, but instead of sending them a warning, he continues reading, and begins to fall for one of them- even though he's never met her. It sounds kind of creepy and stalker-ish, but the character of Lincoln is so well developed that you just end up feeling bad for him and wanting him to get the girl. 

30. The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts
I knew I would cave and read this book. It's the second in the series and I'm a sucker for characters I love. This one involves the brother from the first book and the restaurant owner and of course (in typical Nora form) they realize they're in love with each other after thinking of themselves as just friends for years and then the fight/almost break up... yep, I'm a sucker... there's a 3rd book and I'll probably read it this summer.

31. Eyes on You by Kate White
Another creepy book book selection. This one has a famous news anchor who begins receiving threatening notes and "gifts". As the story progresses the threats get more intense and scary, especially when she realizes that they must be coming from someone close to her. Okay, so I liked the mystery aspect of this book because it was done well and you really kept second guessing "whodunit" until the very end when you realize you should have known from the very beginning. That part was good. But the main character, Robin, drove me nuts. She avoided involving people in the investigation, she did things that were risky when she knew someone was after her and she actually ate a brownie that was left for her when she didn't know who it came from (and was dumb enough to be shocked that it was laced with something). She just kept making stupid moves and trusting the wrong people... it just wanted to slap her, so it made it hard to feel bad for her when things continued to go wrong. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fynnleigh Is 3

* All pictures from this post are from the amazing Erin who did our family/B's 3 month pictures.

Hard to believe how quickly 3 years have gone by. I know, so cliche, but it's really true. Fynn is an amazingly bright, funny, sweet, and stubborn little girl. I am so proud to be her mommy... even though she so often drives me absolutely crazy.

  • Fynn is also known as: Fynnie, Fynnie-Mini, Buggy, Buggy-Girl, Bugaboo, and Sissy.
  • She wears size 3T clothing, but fits into 4T as well. She is surprisingly tall considering her average sized father and petite mother.
  • Fynn doesn't eat much besides fruit, yogurt, cereal, and toast. Her recent fav is sausage, and she asks for it every night. It's pretty much the only meat she eats although she'll sometimes also eat deli turkey. Meal times are a little rough, since she doesn't like to try things that aren't on her "approved list". She does like snack and will eat apples, bananas, watermelon, mango, strawberries, etc as her only food source if we'll let her. Not that I don't like her eating fruit, but she needs to eat some other foods too!
  • She fights naps, much to my chagrin, but is usually okay with having "rest time" in the afternoon. Sometimes she REALLY needs to sleep, but doesn't... and then the fun begins.
  • She kills me with how smart she is. She picks up on things so quickly and is constantly saying and doing things that blow our minds. She can count to 12 now, but likes to skip the number 5. I'm not sure if she forgets it, or is just messing with me, because when I remind her of 5 she either tells me she doesn't like 5 or tries to convince me that 6 comes after 4. 
  • She knows some of her letters, but is strangely a fan of the letter "H". She notices and points out the letter H on signs, in books, and anywhere else she sees it and gets all excited. I think it started because of the "H"'s on the road (marking fire hydrants), so H was her first letter.
  • Talks up a storm. Lately chipmunks have been "shipmunks" and nail polish is "paul-nalish". Despite some incorrect words, she just talks so much like a child and not like a baby anymore. 
  • She loves watching Team Umizoomi which has actually taught her a lot about shapes. She knows random shapes like a crescent and even told me one day that a stop sign was a "lex-agon" which is way closer to a hexagon than a 3 year old should be getting. 
  • She is an amazing big sister. More than anything else this last year, this is the thing I am the most proud of her for. She went from being the only child, only grandchild, center of all our universes to being a big sister and almost seamlessly. My heart swells and my eyes fill with tears as I think about how much she loves her little brother and how sweet, kind, and loving she has been to him since the second he was born. I know that they'll fight, and be typical siblings, but I also know that they already have an inseparable bond- and that Fynn is the one who created that. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why my kid probably won't go to preschool any time soon.

Fynn turns 3 tomorrow, and for awhile now I've been getting questions about when and where she's going to preschool. I always kind of shrug it off as a "when she's ready" and "maybe when she's 4", but the truth is that I don't know if I want to send her to preschool. If we do send her, it probably won't be until she's 5.

Here's why.

I don't want to send her to school until she's 6. Her birthday is in July, which means we'll either send her to school when she's newly 5, or newly 6. Wouldn't be a problem is Kindergarten was the play-based, social learning place it used to be. But with Common Core and high-stakes testing combined with teacher evaluation based on said test scores... I don't want to put that on my kid. Idealistically, I'd home school her, but I think neither of us would survive that and I have to do that whole annoying work thing. Short of that, I want to wait until she's just a little bit older to buy her more time as a kid and less time sitting in a chair.

Planning backwards from Kindergarten, preschool is great and all, but she doesn't need that kind of structure yet. I think a year of it will be plenty for her to have experience with the structure and expectations of a pre-k program. Until then, she'll go to daycare and just play. Yes, they read books, do crafts, and have expectations about behavior... but it's play. She's learning by experiencing and playing and having fun.

We may change our minds later. We may decide that the home daycare she's at now isn't helping her grow as much any more, or that too many of the kids her age are going to pre-k (therefore taking away the learning opportunity that comes from playing with kids her own age), or she may be ready earlier than we are anticipating. We're constantly thinking about it and reevaluating what's best for her, but as of right now, as we're on the cusp of 3, we have no plans to send her to preschool. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Workout Plan: Week 1

Week 1 (6/21-6/27)

Monday: Focus T25 Cardio- I love this one because it leaves me sweating and feeling like I've worked hard, but it also involves a LOT of jumping which leaves my poor calf muscles screaming.

Tuesday: Fail- Bentley wouldn't settle down for the night and only ended up falling asleep on me at 9:30, so I gave up and went to bed.

Wednesday: Focus T25 Ab Intervals & This Morning Workout plan I pinned a few weeks ago which actually left me a little sore. Ab Intervals were good, but left my back feeling a little tight which probably means I didn't do it right. 

Thursday: Focus T25 Total Body Circuit- I did about 20 minutes of this before the DVD started skipping and while I was fixing it, Bentley woke up from his nap, so I didn't get around to finish. This one was a lot harder than I remember it being last summer which could be due to just time in between or my overall weakness. 

Friday: Fail # 2- It was our anniversary and between going into work to get my laptop fixed and getting Fynn to Drew's parent's house, I just didn't make time. On the positive side; we had a great date night and Fynn slept over at Drew's parent's house which meant just a little more sleep for us.

Saturday: Focus T25 Lower Focus- I love this one. It burns, and it's hard, but at the end my legs have that awesome Jello feeling that lets you know that you've pushed yourself to your limits and been successful. Since I've always hated how my legs look, I love doing this workout because it makes me feel like I might actually make some progress. 

Week 1 I only managed to workout 4 times, leaving me 1 workout short of my 5x a week goal... here's to hoping next week is just a little better! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pumping at work when you're super stressed

I know I eluded to how hard going back to work was last month. While a big part was being sad about leaving my babies, the hardest part was pumping. I love my job, I love teaching and my students and how crazy busy fun it can all be. But, the end of the school year is it's own brand of crazy-busy and trying to find the time to pump 4 times a day at the end of the school year is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

Due to the stress, I was having a hard time pumping. While I was used to getting 4-7 ounces at a time when pumping (and that was between feedings during long naps!), I was getting 2-3 ounces at a time when pumping in place of feedings. I needed 12-16 ounces a day to send to daycare... see the math there? It was a nightmare. I felt like all day every day was just a mad scramble to pump enough milk. I pumped in the car on the way to work, during my AM prep period, during lunch, at the end of the school day, and on the way home and I still was just barely scraping by. 

I dipped into my frozen milk to get me through a couple of days there, but I couldn't do that much as breastfeeding is a supply-demand system... if I didn't demand the full amount I needed each day, then my system wouldn't create it. It was seriously such a relief that last day of school to know I wouldn't be pumping more than once a day (if that) for a while. 

Something's got to give. While it's great to have the summer off to not worry about pumping, September is going to come awfully quickly and I'll be in the same boat again. Hopefully at that point I wont be quite as stressed (yeah, right. Combine the beginning of the school year with my second to last grad school class? Yeah, that won't be stressful). Or maybe I'll figured out a way to be more effective with pumping... I don't know. I'm not ready to even entertain the idea of weaning or supplementing, but I know pumping so often increased my stress which decreased my output, so I'll have to find a way to relax and let it all happen.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Workout Plan 2015- The Postpartum, fit into my clothes edition

Nothing like summer clothes to make you feel all hells to the no about your body 4 months postpartum. Yeah, it's a buzzkill. So, like last summer, I'm aiming to keep myself motivated and accountable my posting my workout and weight shame all over the internet. You're welcome.

Let's start with numbers. Because if I'm going to shame myself all over the internet, I might as well do so with the actual digits. Prepregnancy this time around I was back to my pre-Fynn weight of 140lbs and fitting into size 6.  It felt good to finally be back at a comfortable weight. This pregnancy I gained 35 pounds, which had me clocking in at a whopping 175 lbs the day before B was born... now keep in mind, I'm 5' 2. 175 was a lot for this short stature. A week after B's birth I was at 165 and excited that 10 pounds had dropped like that. During my maternity leave I lost another 10 pounds which I can attribute to chasing after a 3 year old, nursing, and occasional "I feel fat"-fueled workouts. I also used the MyFitnessPal app for about a month which did wonders for my mindless eating problem.

That brings us to the end of May where I weighed in at 155 lbs and decided I needed to be more consistent about working out. I know I may hold onto 5-10 pounds extra because I'm nursing, but I want to be back to feeling comfortable with my body and having a little bit of tone.

Today I stepped on the scale for the first time in a month and I was down to 150 lbs... but my clothes still don't fit! Even my size 10 jeans from when I was my heaviest don't fit. Yes, I keep those around. Mainly for early/post pregnancy, but also as a reminder of how far I have come in taking care of my body. 

Here's my summer plan. Like last year, I want to hold myself to working out 5 times a week. Ideally this will be during the day while both kids nap, but let's be honest and admit that often it will be done at 8pm after they go to bed for the night and that there will be nights where someone needs me until I'm too tired to stand up straight, let alone exercise... I'm a realist after all. But I'll do weekly updates over the summer of what I've done for workouts and hopefully keep myself on track. I also want to be better about tracking in MyFitnessPal as I've fallen back into my mindless eating habit and I want to kick that again. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Anniversary

Six years ago today I said "I will" to the love of my life, my high school sweetheart, and best friend. In the past 6 years we've gone through countless ups and downs, added 1 dog, 2 kids, and 2 houses to the mix. We've moved, go on vacations, changed jobs, fought like crazy and still I wouldn't change a moment of it. Happy anniversary to the one man crazy enough to put up with my crazy. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bentley is 4 Months!

Be still my heart. Everyday this little boy blows me away with how happy and laid back he is. He is truly making me a happier and more patient mother as I focus more on the joy in both my babies. Sorry to get so sappy, but after a month back at work, I really am relishing every moment at home with my kids. I know it's nothing to complain about. I was so blessed to have a 14 week long maternity leave and even more blessed that after going back to work for just 16 days of work, I now get another 10 weeks off with them. I didn't go into teaching for summer vacations, but now that I have kids I really appreciate it and couldn't imagine working a job all summer long.

Now on to Bentley, who turned 4 months old over the weekend. This month was a busy one for all of us, but especially this little boy. This month he;

  • Learned to roll. Both ways. About a week after he turned 3 months, he just started going. He loves being on his belly, so he actually rolled back to belly first even though it usually goes the other way. Since then, whenever you lay him down on his back, he immediately rolls over onto his belly. I had a couple of sleepless nights there when he first started sleeping on his belly. I'm not going to lie, it still makes me a bit nervous!
  • Moved up to size 2 diapers. Is still wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothing, though I think we're ready to try out a few 3-6 month outfits. At 4 months he weighs 12 lbs, 5 ozs. Still my little peanut, but growing well and gaining fast!
  • Sleep is good most of the time, but we're having a rough week that I'm hoping is just a phase. Prior to this last week, he was only waking to nurse 1-2 times a night and going right back to sleep after eating. 
  • May be getting a tooth soon. I wasn't sure about including this, as we thought for months that Fynn was getting a tooth starting at 3 months, and she didn't get her first until 11 months! However, he's been gnawing on everything, nipping when he nurses and drooling a storm. There's a small bump on his lower gum that feels like it might be a tooth, so we'll see soon enough
  • Loves being worn! The ring sling is still getting some use, but the Ergo has been feeling the love this month. He is big enough now not to need the entire infant insert (just the cushion part under his butt) which makes the Ergo super easy to use and he LOVES it. We use the Ergo for walks, around the house, and just about any time we go somewhere. I'm trying to convince Drew that we need a Tula, since the Ergo is so beloved, but he's not feeling it... which makes me sad, because those bad boys are gorgeous. I REALLY want Prepster... but I have a feeling it's not going to happen. 

  • Loves watching TV. Seriously, we can't get him to stop. If the TV is on, he will find a way to watch it.
  • Still nurses like a champ. I love how easy nursing has become for us. I especially loved it after pumping all day at work last month and then coming home to snuggle and nurse with him in the evening. 

  • is so, so happy. I just can't get over what a happy baby he is. Nothing phases him, nothing much bothers him. I can count on both hands the number of times he has actually cried. Yes, he fusses, and sometimes he gets upset... but he hardly every screams or cries full out. 

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