Tuesday, January 13, 2015

32 Weeks Pregnant With Boo # 2

Week 2 of my winter break was awesome because Drew was home from work too, which meant help doing everything AND most days I got to at least lay done, if not actually take a nap. The next 8 weeks of working full time are going to stink... actually, I lie, February vacation will be in that mix too, so I only have about 7 weeks left of working before this kid makes his appearance. 7 weeks of work: it ends up being 34 days work days. OhMyGa this ish just got real.

  • This week I'm getting more and more tired, even with the naps and extra help. My body is just getting to the point where lugging around a rapidly growing human being is just becoming too taxing.
  • New Years was exhausting. We stayed out until around 1 and I was wiped out. Didn't help that Fynn slept like crap that night and ended up in bed with me... which means I didn't sleep much on top of going to bed way later than usual (like 4 hours later than usual).
  • His movements are becoming more intense, but less frequent. He has more quiet times where he's (I assume) sleeping, but when he's up, he is UP. My favorite thing is when Fynn's on my lap and he starts kicking her back. She doesn't seem to notice it, but I have to laugh- sibling rivalry has started already!
  • Bentley is about the size of a squash this week- he's 15.2- 16.7 inches long and 2.5-3.8 pounds in weight. My 32 week check up is today, so I'm hoping to get my doctor's idea of how big she thinks he is right now. 
  • Same old, same old- epic heartburn, non-existent sleep. Drew at least seems to have a new appreciation for my symptoms- after indulging too much on NYE and having some heartburn/throwing up of his own, he commented wondering how I've handled it for so long.
  • Fynn's getting a little impatient for this birth thing to happen. We were unpacking and came across baby items, so I asked her to put them in B's room. When she came back she said to me "I want Ben-tee (what she calls him) a come out now. Is he ready?". I had to laugh, and explain that he still needs to get a little bigger, but I'm not sure she gets that there's still about 2 months left. 

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