Wednesday, January 28, 2015

35 Weeks Pregnant with Boo # 2

Can you tell I've been watching Friends on Netflix lately?

In all seriousness though. 35 weeks means 35 days or less until B shows up. And because I love countdowns, that means only 20 days of school (17 now because I'm posting this late and we had a snow day yesterday). That's practically no time at all.

  • This week B is the size of a coconut this week- 17.2-18.7 inches in length and 4.2-5.8 pounds. Like I've been saying, I'm pretty sure he's going to be on the bigger end of things. At my 34 week check up my doctor let me know that his shoulders are hitting my hipbone as his feet are hitting my ribs on the opposite time... she thought it was funny, I cried a little on the inside. 
  • Drew and Fynn set up the crib on Friday when they were home together. Fynn was so proud and showed it off... then proceeded to jump in it for about 20 minutes. Good mom would have stopped her since that's a habit I probably don't want to start. Lazy/tired mom just let it happen because she was happy and I got to sit on the floor of the nursery and open my new pump while she did it
  • Speaking of pumps, my new Medela came in the mail not too long ago and I'm oddly excited about a breast pump. 
  • Fynn has been talking more and more about the baby lately. I think now that I'm so huge, it's becoming more real to her. She told me the other night that when he gets big and comes out she's going to give him a bubble bath with her pink soap. Monday we were home together and we went to the store. Fynn was adamant that we buy Bentley some jammers since we were buying her some. She was super psyched to show Daddy what she picked out when he got home. 
  • This week my feet started to get more swollen. I can't wear my favorite work shoes any more because by the end of the day they're cutting into my feet. 
  • More of the same symptoms: heartburn, insomnia, exhaustion and overall crappy feeling. Braxton hicks contractions are coming more often and I've had a couple of times where I thought maybe they were real contractions, but they didn't stick around so they can't be too bad. 

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