Thursday, January 29, 2015

And 35 weeks is when people start to take pity on you.

Remember a few weeks ago when I was saying how 32 weeks was the week of compliments? I miss that. Apparently week 35 is when you really start to look awful and people just plain feel bad for you. Instead of the "you look so cute" and "aren't you adorable" comments, I'm getting "I'll walk your kids downstairs for you" and "how are you feeling?". All done with a concerned look on their face as though I'm going to keel over any minute or suddenly ask them to grab the baby as it pops out. 

That's a little slap in the face to my ego. Especially when I was thinking I was looking pretty good for being just 5 weeks from popping. Especially when I look at picture from last time. Here's a lovely side-by-side of this pregnancy compared to last... I think I'm looking a lot better all around. Not to mention I look less miserable... apparently I'm not hiding my misery as well as I thought.

I did have a really nice woman at work who told me that I don't look "all that bad for being 35 weeks". Thanks. Pretty sad when that's the compliment of the week. 

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