Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Apparently Week 32 is the Compliment Week

For the past week, over and over again, I keep being told how "cute" or "adorable" or "amazing" I look. Which leads me to one of two conclusions:

1) I have somehow achieved that coveted pregnancy glow and in fact look absolutely wonderful


2) I look like such hell that people feel the need to pay me complements because they're severely worried about my self-esteem.

I'm tending to lean towards option 2 there since it goes along with how I feel. As a reminder, here's my 32 week bump pic:

Please notice a few things:
1) the bump that has outgrown the maternity shirt- with more than 7 weeks to go, that's a scary thought.
2) the forced smile- because at that exact moment Bentley was in his favorite position; headbutting my hipbone while digging his toes right into my ribcage. It's cozy, I swear.
3) the location: another bump pic taken in the bathroom at work since it's the only place I can pee in peace these days.
4) the eyes- you may have to zoom in for this, but my eyes are a big bloodshot from lack of sleep the bags are bigger than the bump- super attractive

What you can't see:

1) the "glow" I get when walking more than 20 feet at a time
2) the slightly hunched, hand on the lower back, stance I sport while standing for more than 2 minutes at a time to make sure I don't actually topple forward from the weight of my stomach
3) the pathetic slight waddle/shuffle I've got going on as I walk due to another human being keeping his head right there when I move. 

All in all- it's a glam and gorgeous look I've got going on, yet everyone keeps telling me how great I look. Therefore I am soaking it in, because it's easier to accept the compliment than to answer the #1 question these days "how do I feel?".

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  1. Oh but you are cute in your 32 weeks-ness! But I still remember those days too (I gave birth just 7 1/2 weeks ago) and so I totally understand. I can't say it'll get better just yet, because the first month with a newborn is really hard. But you WILL survive and you WILL see that everything IS worth it when you behold your little bundle of joy!


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