Friday, January 23, 2015

Fynn's new hobby: Cooking with Daddy

Practicing with her
Melissa & Doug cooking set

Fynn loves cooking lately, and I love that she'll actually eat something if she's had a hand in making it. The last two weekends we've made beef stew in the crock pot, and she has loved putting everything in the crock pot, stirring it up, and checking on it throughout the day. The whole day, while "her" food is cooking, she'll sniff and say it smells yummy and go to check on it- she gets really excited when it's time to stir it up. 

Watching Daddy and waiting for veggies
 to put in the crock pot

I love that she's getting to that age where she can actually do these things with us, and I love that Drew has the patience to let her "help". The cuteness of the two of them together doesn't hurt either. 

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  1. Nothing melts my heart like a little girl helping her daddy! Reagan is the same way with my husband when he works out in the garage and it cracks me up!


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