Friday, January 2, 2015

Guest Post: 6 Social Media Rules for New Moms

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Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing health options for her family.

6 Social Media Rules for New Moms

Social media has become a common part of everyone’s lives. It is almost impossible for a person to avoid using social media regularly, and many people would even say that they have an addiction to social media. Busy new moms who have a lot on their plate are not immune to this trend. New moms can be some of the worst culprits when it comes to social media use.
New moms have a lot of new emotional and social issues to deal with that they may have never encountered before and have no clue how to deal with. New moms are so busy taking care of their new baby that they often do not get much social time, and therefore will use social media as a coping method. Additionally, new moms are so happy to share their new baby with the world that they can easily overdo the social media sharing. Here are six social media rules for new moms.

Avoid oversharing
New moms will think that every aspect of their new life and their baby are the most amazing things to ever happen. The truth is that no one will care as much as the mom does. New moms should be careful to not share every aspect of their kid’s life on social media.

Think about your child’s future reaction to posts
Moms may think that a post of their child doing something embarrassing will be funny now, but they often forget about how their child might react to those posts in the future. Parents should try to put themselves in the child’s position before positing anything on social media.

Never pick a fight via social media
Many moms will not have the social time that they had before the baby was born. This can make any mother go a little crazy and want to engage in the same social interactions that she had before her baby arrived. However, some comments can easily re misunderstood online, even if they would be fine in person.

Do share regular updates of the baby’s most endearing qualities
Social media can be a valuable tool for new mothers when used correctly. New moms can keep friends and family updated on their new baby even if they cannot see each other in person. New moms can use Beaverton fios to update family and friends with the latest without sharing too much every day.

Keep the real world in perspective when posting
Typically, the baby becomes the only thing that a new mother will care about or think about. However, the rest of the world is still continuing on as it had before and will in the future. Moms need to understand that no one else will find the fact that their baby is not eating rice cereal as fascinating as they do.

Set limits for social media use

New moms will often mindlessly use social media throughout the day. This is not always an issue, but moms could be missing some great moments in their baby’s life because they are too busy looking through social media apps. New moms can combat this by setting times for social media use, like while the baby is napping. 

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