Thursday, January 8, 2015

How I blog lately

My blogging lately is like my mind- scattered and inconsistent. When I get on a roll, I'll whip out 2-3 posts a night and have post lined up for a couple of days in a row... then I lose all motivation and train of thought for about 2 weeks until I try to get caught up again. 

This is most likely 1 part pregnancy, 2 parts having a toddler, and 1 part moving/working/grad school. I'd love to say "oh yeah, I'll be more consistent when things settle down." But then I'd have to laugh- because things are never settling down. Yeah, pregnancy will end- and be replaced with another tiny human who needs my constant attention. And yeah, his arrival will also bring about time off from work and the completion of another grad school class. So, in theory, I could say that birth day will mean more time to blog- but that time will be spent with (like I said) a second tiny human who needs my constant attention and the first tiny human who will no doubt feel neglected and confused by the arrival of her little brother. Thus, settling down will clearly not come to pass for another 10-15 years. 

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