Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Last Class Before Baby

Today I'm starting my last grad school class pre-baby#2. Except it will probably end up being the class I'm in the middle of when B arrives. My class ends on March 1st- my due date- which is cutting it tight, but it means that I'll only have 3 classes left to complete after he's born- which gets me awfully close to having my MS Ed. I'm hoping to be able to work ahead on this class, and finish most, if not all, of my coursework early and/or that B will be a day or two late so I'll be all set. If not? Well, I guess I'll be spending those first couple of exhausting days and nights finishing up my work. 

After today I'll have a better idea of what this class entails, and I'll know whether I can relax and just enjoy these last 8 weeks, or if I'm needing to panic, cry, and stress about getting my work done.

Why did I think this was a good idea? 

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