Monday, January 26, 2015

New house versus the old

There are some things that I love about the new house... and some things I REALLY miss about my old:

Commute: We went from a less than 20 minute commute, to close to 45. That sucks. 

Baby room: In the old house we had three upstairs bedrooms; the master, a tiny room we used for Fynn and a larger room that was at the opposite end of the house. For months we had debated about whether baby would be all the way down the hall, or if we would move Fynn. The new house has 4 bedrooms upstairs, all near each other making room assignments easy

Master bathroom: Old house didn't have one. New house has an over the top ginormous one. 

Appliances: We bought new appliances 5 years ago in the old house, and weren't planning on buying any for this place. And then all the ones here died on us. On the positive side? We now have all-new appliances again.
With the old appliances
Kitchen: Old house, was a decent size. New house? Tiny... I miss the counter space at the old house. 

Countertops: The old house had granite counter tops. They were gorgeous. This place has cracked laminate. It's white. It's ugly.

The stairs: I have a thing for stairs. The old house had a boring, normal flight of stairs. The new house? The stairs of my dreams. Sweeping, open, curved staircase and a open balcony at the top. THIS is why I wanted the house. 

Closet space: We had an okay amount of closet space at the old house, but very little downstairs. This place has tons and tons of closet space everywhere... it's a hoarders dream come true :) Drew and I even have our own closets in our bathroom.

Neighborhood: We had some great friends in the old 'hood that I'm missing like crazy. We've only met a couple of people here so far, but we're hoping when it warms up and we can get outside more we'll get to know more people. 

Windows: The old house was a full dormer cape, which meant that none of the upstairs had front-facing windows. This place just has huge windows everywhere and several skylights. The natural light is just amazing and really brightens up all the spaces.  

Panoramic view: it's actually rectangular 
Living room: Old living room was cramped and an odd shape, making it feel like we just didn't have space. At this house we have 2 living rooms. One, off the kitchen, is the perfect family room... the other we don't know what to do with, so it's empty right now.

Flooring: We had spent 5 years at the old house replacing all the flooring (except the hardwood in the living room and office) to tile and carpet that we loved... this place has mostly gross carpet and ugly tile... eventually we'll start replacing it, just like we did before, but right now it's just gross. 

Overall, I love the new house, but after spending 5+ years making the old house our home and doing things the way we wanted them, it's hard to move to a new house that needs quite a bit of updating. The structure, layout, and location of this place are all amazing, not to mention all the extra space, but it's not the finished place I had gotten used to.

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  1. I love the layout of your new house! You can definitely fix most of the things you miss like the flooring, and you could probably even remodel your kitchen if you got adventurous. We had to renovate our entire house (it's small though, 1200sqft) because it was smoke damaged and badly neglected and man, if when we buy again I hope to god we can afford new (unlikely, haha.) I love your staircase too!!!


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