Tuesday, February 17, 2015

38 Weeks Pregnant with Boo # 2

Sooo... at this point last time I was in labor. I'm trying to let that sink in. With Fynn I officially went into labor at 37 weeks 6 days and she was born at 38 weeks 2 days (yeah, that means I was in labor for 3 days. I still shudder thinking about it). Knowing that makes me feel like a ticking time bomb these days. It really could be any moment now.

  • I've got the pregnant waddle down to a science and spent most of the last week holding my belly while I walked because it felt like it was just going to tip me over at any second.
  • More and more contractions at night, especially the days I'm on my feet a lot. So like every day this past week as work was crazy. I'm really looking forward to taking it easy(ier) this week while on vacation.
  • Hello nesting! I'm obsessed. All I want to do is fold baby onesies, clean the house, and generally do all the domestic crap that I usually avoid like the plague.
  • This week marked the first day where I legit could not get my own socks on. After 10 minutes of trying, I had Drew help... he found it hilarious. He was laughing a little less a few nights later when I asked him to clip my toenails. 
  • Even though I can't reach them, my feet actually aren't swollen. I can wear all my regular shoes except one pair of clogs that were tight to begin with. I can also still get my wedding ring on and off easily which I couldn't do after 30 weeks with Fynn. Both are a major win in my book.
  • We had an ultrasound this past week to check on Bentley. My measurements were off at my 36 week check up, so they wanted to do some measurements, check my fluid levels, and check blood flow to the placenta. Everything was perfect though, I just make little babies. Their measurements found him at 5 lbs 15 oz... just 3 oz smaller than Fynn was at birth.
  • According to my pregnancy app, he is the size of a pumpkin this week and should measure 18.9-20.9 inches long and 6.2-9.2 lbs... obviously his weight is a little lower than that, but I'm not sure of his length.
  • My team at work threw me a little baby shower lunch last Thursday which was incredibly sweet of all of them. I've already had one other shower with friends from work (which was amazing, and I have to write that story this week). My mom was throwing me a shower last Sunday, but with the blizzard forecast we postponed to next Sunday... nothing like a last minute shower.

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