Friday, February 27, 2015

How we potty trained in just one day -Part 2

If you missed the first part of our potty training saga and/or you're actually thinking we potty trained in just a day, check out part 1 to reassure yourself that I'm as clueless about potty training as everyone else.

Come mid-February, Drew and I were resigned to the "wait and see" approach to potty training- if she showed an interest, we helped her out. When she wanted to sit on the toilet, we helped her out. Wanted to wear undies? Done. At daycare she would sit every now and then, or ask Drew's mom or even my mom... but no real interest at home.

Then came February vacation. In the midst of my 38 week pregnant nesting frenzy, it all just happened.

On Monday my mom and sister came over and harassed  persuaded her into sitting on the potty multiple times- nothing happened. That night she turned to Drew and said she needed to go pee. And she did. Right on her toilet. We were psyched to finally see some progress, but really didn't think much of it. We put her in a diaper for bed that night and moved on.

On Tuesday she asked to wear undies all day. She was going to daycare while I went to the doctors and ran some errands. Let me tell you, the 40 minute drive to daycare while she was in underwear for the first time was super nerve-wracking. At any moment I expected her to start sobbing that she had peed and to end up having to clean her carseat and most likely my entire car after dropping her off. But she was fine. At daycare she had multiple accidents and changes of clothes, but still came home in underwear. That night she did # 2 on the toilet for the first time. Again for Drew.

On Wednesday Drew was home for the day with us. We went out to breakfast (which included 3 bathroom trips) and did some errands. We made her wear a diaper when we visited an indoor play place in town, but that was because we were too worried we'd be mortified when she peed all over some poor, unsuspecting kid. After nap time (also wearing a diaper), she put her underwear back on and peed a couple more times on the toilet. Although she wore a diaper for part of the day, she didn't have any accidents, so we considered it a success.

On Thursday Fynn was home with me again... and we spent much of the day in the bathroom. However, no accidents. Thursday night I went into labor, and Fynn spent the next few days with Drew's parents. I was convinced that the success we had seen was over. No way was she going to deal with a new sibling, being at a different house, AND two days away from us and not have any accidents. As usual, Fynn proved me wrong and did awesome.

Since then, Fynn has consistently worn underwear every single day and the only time she's had accidents is overnight; which we still put her in diapers for just in case... which is probably a bad thing, but I do not want to be washing sheets every day. Maybe I'll suck it up soon and let her try- she'll probably end up surprising me again and never have an accident!


  1. I posted a really long comment on this and then I think I lost it because I wasn't signed in! Just let me know if you got it or not and if not I'll post it again!

  2. ha, ok looks like you didn't get it. Didn't know if you had to accept comments.. Anyway, it's cool to read your posts and see how you guys are going through a lot of what we're going through at pretty much the same times. We pretty much have gone through the same thing you guys have with the potty training. We tried to force it at first and then we backed off and let Lily just tell us when she was ready and much to our surprise she's been getting more interested. I took her out and let her pick out her own and she picked Sophia the first and that's really helped. She's also still wearing pull-ups to bed. This week I tried letting her nap in her underwear but she wet the bed twice which meant I had to clean the sheets twice! We'll try again this week I think but bedtime pull-ups is not a bad idea. I really hope she's potty trained completely in time for pre-school (I think its required) but not sure on that.


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