Thursday, February 12, 2015

My bedtime routine

Shocker of all shocks, but combining week 37 of pregnancy with the last couple of weeks of a grad school class, trying to get things ready for a long-term sub, the week before school vacation and getting report cards done- leads to a severe lack of blogging. I know, blows my mind. 

So today, I give to you my current bedtime routine... because when I thought about it the other night, I couldn't stop laughing about what life has become in the past 2 1/2 years...and I know it will only get better when we add Bentley to the mix!

  1. take out contacts
  2. floss
  3. brush teeth
  4. wash face
  5. go in Fynn's room to check that she's still breathing (side note: will there ever come a time where I don't feel compelled to do this?)
  6. Cover Fynn up with an extra blanket
  7. Run like hell from her room so she doesn't wake up and see me
  8. Lay in bed praying that she actually is still asleep and not just waiting for me to enter that peaceful, almost asleep, stage to start screaming her head off

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