Monday, February 23, 2015

Oh the irony

You know how on Friday I wrote about never having been that pregnant before? Well the irony was, when that post was published, I was no longer pregnant.

As usual, I wrote my post the day before, and had it ready to go... and then on Friday morning, I went into labor. I so don't have the energy for his birth story tonight, but it an incredible story. One of those ones where every single nurse or doctor we saw during our hospital stay already knew all about our birth and needed to make comments about it. Yeah, one of those births. I'll get the story written this week, because I want to remember every single moment of that night (well, early morning).

Until then, enjoy a couple of early pix of Bentley Ryan. Already he is a completely different baby than his sister and so stinking sweet. And tiny, man the kid is tiny. I'm talking we had to get preemie-size diapers and clothes for him.


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