Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Day in the Life

Today I'm linking up with Write or Die Wednesdays to bring you; a day in my life. Here was yesterday:
Write or Die Wednesdays

1:11 am: B wakes up. Nurse while half awake then rub his back until he passes back out.

4:17 am: B up again. Nurse. Snuggle. Get major spit up down my shirt. Wipe up as much as possible before realizing that it's a lost cause and go back to sleep.

4:45 am: F yells from her room that she needs to pee. Wake Drew up to deal with hit. Lay half asleep as she comes in, kisses B, then lays down next to Drew.

5:30 am: Alarm goes off. Groan because I just fell back asleep. Drew gets up and tells me to stay in bed. He'll get Fynn ready to go. I love that man.

6 am: Fynn gets up, she and Drew go downstairs to get ready.

6:45 am: Wake up to hear Drew yelling and Fynn crying... apparently the getting ready gig isn't going well. Debate about getting up to help, but they're out the door just seconds later. Peace and quiet. Settle back to sleep.

6:47 am: Dog starts barking down stairs. Ignore for as long as possible, then just get up to take her out. Discover that she has already peed on the door mat, but take her out anyway. Clean up the pee.

7am-Nurse B. Play on iPad. Debate about eating something. Start a load of laundry.

8 am-Load B in the car and head to DD for a bagel and an iced tea that I won't have to share with the toddler.

8:10 am-Return home. Eat. Blog. Listen to book on tape. Realize after an hour that I haven't paid attention to anything and turn it off. Put wood in the wood stove. Sit in silence for a full 10 minutes, just because I can.

9:30 am- Clean the kitchen

10 am- B wakes up hungry. Feed him and snuggle on the couch while watching Parenthood on Netflix.

11:30 am- Realize that I need to get ready for our breastfeeding support group. Scarf down a Hot Pocket while getting dressed, packing the diaperbag and taking the dog out.

12 pm- Leave the house to go to my breastfeeding support group. Spend a couple of hours with some awesome Mama's.

3:30 pm- Leave group and head across town to pick up Fynn from daycare. Let her show B off to her friends for a bit. Then get back in the car for the 45 minute drive home (ugh).

5 pm: Arrive home. Explain to Fynn that she can't watch tv because she was a beast to Daddy this morning. Feed B. Start making dinner while wearing B because he's getting fussy. Fynn begs to be held. Strap Fynn into the Ergo on my back for some tandem babywearing awesomeness and finish cooking dinner. Obvs post about it on Facebook, because I'm that awesome.

6 pm: Drew arrives home just as dinner is ready and Fynn is bored of being carried. Sit down to eat with B in the bouncy seat on the table. Fynn flips about what we're having, so we send her to play in her playroom so we can actually enjoy our meal.

7 pm: Get Fynn ready for bed and lay down with her. Try to stay awake. Go downstairs and feed B again. Swaddle and snuggle him so he'll sleep for a bit, then go take a shower.

9 pm: Chill on the couch and hang out with Drew for a bit.

10pm: Attempt to go to bed. As usual, B wakes up just as I fall asleep. Begin the nightly nurse, snuggle, shush routine until he falls asleep, then pass out while praying that he sleeps at least 3 hours so I can feel human in the morning since I'm home alone with both kids tomorrow. Know that no matter what, tomorrow will end up being exhausting.


  1. The life of a mom! The sleepless nights and blurry mornings. Oh, I feel your pain, girl. I love that your hubby helps you out in the mornings so that you can rest for a teeny bit of time. And that you were wearing both of your babies - that's so cute! :) Thanks so much for joining us and sharing your day. I love seeing glimpses into other people's lives! xo

  2. It certainly does sound exhausting. I simply can not imagine. Not sure how mom's do it all!!

  3. Wow that takes me back a few years, you are a busy lady! #WODW

  4. Our days sound strikingly similar :) Nursing is NO JOKE! I wish someone would have warned me. Haha! Sometimes it's nice though, right? Like, oh sorry, I cannot tend to the dishes or laundry right now, the baby wants to eat. I use nursing as an opportunity to exhale, catch up on some DVR or just quietly admire my baby while he's being still. I sure wish he was in the mood to wean from his middle of the night feedings, however :)

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your posts. Just seeing the titles there on the sidebar tells me I will relate to much of it!

    Glad you joined us, and I hope we see you for #WODW again!


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