Monday, March 30, 2015

Dear Struggling Mama

I saw you at the breastfeeding support group last week with your tired eyes, mussed up hair and the sound of raw terror in your voice. You admitted that this was your first non-doctor/lactation consultant outing with your 4 week old. You confessed how hard this all was as you teared up and eventually sobbed over your frustration. You worried aloud about the judgment you feel as you supplement with formula and how pressured you feel to make breastfeeding work, even though it's not for you right now.

We all listened in sympathy. We felt your pain. Many of us could commiserate. And we did our best to give you our words of comfort, support, and hope that things will get better.

But what I really wanted to do, as I watched you wipe away those tears while cradling your tiny baby who is the exact same age as my Bentley, was hug you.

This is hard. You know that. It's natural and beautiful and amazing, but when you're sleeping in 2 hour increments and struggling to feed you're child, all it feels is impossible. I've been there.

So Mama, though I didn't give you that hug, please know that I didn't only because I'm a complete stranger and hugging you would have freaked you out. But I hope you keep coming to group and find some measure of support, love and hope. Don't give up, you're doing great... and if you keep coming, I'm going to give you that hug.

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