Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday's Letters

Dear receptionist at the kids' pediatricians office,

If you're so sick that your Darth Vader impression is dead-on, you probably shouldn't get annoyed with me when I can't understand what the heck you're asking me. Also, you work in place where tiny babies with no immune systems visit, get your germ-invested butt home.

The mom who said "sorry, what? 14 times in a 8 minute conversation.

Dear Fynn and Bentley,

I've yet to figure out your secret form of sibling communication, but you seriously need to stop tag-teaming me here. There's no way that it's a coincidence that Bentley sleeps until Fynn's nap time and then wakes up as soon as she passes out... and then falls back to sleep just 5 minutes before Fynn get up. Knock it off.


Your mother, who desperately needs a nap

Dear Drew,

I'm sorry that I'm not sorry for buying a ring sling the other day... even though you pointed out that I already have 5 baby carriers. This one's blue. And pretty. And can have a baby wrapped and ready to go in seconds. And yes, I greatly appreciate that you bought me the Ergo a few months ago, but this is totally different and I swear I'll used both.

Your baby-wearing obsessed (by necessity) wife

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