Monday, March 9, 2015

Fynn meets Bentley

One of the best parts of Bentley's birth, was when Fynn met him. She had been talking about the baby for months, and finally meeting him was a huge moment for her. Drew's parents brought Fynn to the hospital just a couple of hours after he was born. When she entered the room she made a beeline for Drew who was holding him at the time. She was just in awe. Staring at him, touching his head, and begging to hold him. We had her sit in a chair to hold him, and clearly we weren't fast enough handing him over because Fynn started clapping her hands and reaching out all gimme gimme gimme

Her face while holding him just melts my heart. Right away she called him "my baby" and flipped out when the nurse came in to check his lungs (he had a lot of fluid in them due to being born so quickly). I think the only thing that got her to leave the hospital that day without flipping her lid was that Drew's parents were taking her to McDonalds for lunch; this girl loves her some French fries.

Since Bentley was born, Fynn's love fest has continued. She wants to hold Bentley all the time, loves touching his head and checking on him and is very concerned every time he makes noise. I am so glad that she is loving on him so much. I know the process of becoming a sister isn't going to be all sunshine and daisies, but she's done a great job so far and I know that, no matter what, she really loves her little brother.

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