Thursday, March 12, 2015

Now that we've had a boy: Top 10 things people feel they need to say

Since we found out we were having a boy, people have felt the need to make some... interesting comments regarding our family, my pregnancy, and babies in general. Some made me laugh, other's really bothered me, but mostly they made me shake my head at what other people feel the need to say.
Another awesome family pic from Erin

10) Oh, I knew it! You were carrying low/all belly/my sister's ex-boyfriend's aunt was sure it was a boy.

Yes, because clearly those are all perfectly valid reasons for me to trust your gender prediction.

9) Hubby must be so happy!

Because another girl would clearly have been a disappointment and men only want sons... right.

8) Fynn must be disappointed.

Because the 2 1/2 year old who has no concept of gender really gets what it means when we tell her the baby is a boy.

7) You have the perfect due date for a teacher

Okay, not gender related, but a comment I got repeatedly throughout my pregnancy. People either did the smug smile as they applauded my excellent planning skills or the marveled at the sheer coincidence of a March baby... all of them are wrong though since he came in February and I'll be going back to work in June... clearly things didn't work out as perfectly as they could have.

6) This is the perfect age gap

Thanks. I kinda sorta maybe planned it that way. I know most people leave the huge decision of when to have children completely up to chance, but I'm one of those weird people that actually thought about if first.

5) Boys are so special!
Because girls are scum... thanks for letting me know

4) Now they won't have to share toys

Umm... say what? These two are going to share a lot of stuff in their lives and toys is a great start. Why on earth would I buy 2nds of toys just because Bentley is a boy? Yeah, I'm sure he'll get plenty of toys of his own; and Fynn will end up stealing them.

3) Now you can get rid of all the pink stuff

Because clearly we're doing having kids?

2) You have the perfect family now.

Clearly families without one boy and one girl are imperfect and wrong. Another head scratcher here.

1) Now you don't have to have any more kids!

Because I had to continue to keep having them until I had one of each gender? What if I have the desperate desire to go all Duggar-style and pop them out every 9 months or so? What if I really, REALLY wanted to have 2 (or 5) girls and now my plans for starting the next girl-band are dashed?

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