Monday, April 27, 2015

Fynnie at 2 1/2

Pic from Erin
Technically Fynn is more 2 3/4 these days, but either way I haven't done an update lately about what she's up to and I want to make sure I remember all the things she's into and about.

It's crazy how at 2 1/2 they became real kids. No longer babies or toddlers. Fynn talks like a little kid- sometimes with the cutest mistakes. She calls pepperoni "macaroni" lately and gets annoyed when I pull out a box of pasta.

Fynn is the best big sister. I knew she would love having a baby around, but I figured she'd get bored with him after a couple of days/weeks. 8 weeks now and she's still as infatuated and interested in him as she was on day 1. The first thing she'll say when she sees me is "where's the baby?" or "where's Bentley?". If he cries, she'll ask what's wrong or tell me that she thinks he needs more milk.

She doesn't eat anything except fruit and snacks. Her favorite meal is a "snack lunch" which I invented out of sheer desperation one day in an attempt to get her to eat something. Usually it consists of fruit, cheese, and maybe a veggie or crackers... basically I try to hit several food groups though a "snack" and pray that see eats some of it. She's still growing strong, so I guess she's getting what she needs.

Fynn wears dresses. Everyday. It started this winter and for about 4 months she has worn a dress Usually with leggings, but occasionally without. She got several of the other little girls at daycare to do the same, so now they have a dress club. It's the toddler equivalent of Mean Girls.

She can count... sometimes even correctly. Usually we get a "one, two, three, five, seven". The numbers may not all be there, but at least they're in the right order. She loves to count things though.

We haven't really worked on letters, but she knows F and H... F because of her name, and H because of fire hydrants... now she has to hop on all the hydrant "H's" when we go for walks and can name quite a few words that start with H. Whenever we're reading she likes to point out the letter H.

The singing! Everything becomes a song, and it's stinking adorable. She sang a whole song about her stuffed bunny being on her head when she was avoiding nap time the other day and she sings Twinkle Twinkle to Bentley when he cries.

In typical toddler fashion; she alternates between being the most hilarious, adorable sweetheart and being a whiney, screaming, demanding pain in the butt. I love her to death, but she knows how to push my buttons and clearly enjoys doing so.

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