Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Top 5 Reasons for Being Anti-April Fools

Because it's April Fools day, I had to republish this gem from two years ago where I explained why I hate this day. Luckily, I don't have to be at work dealing with all the awesome pranks that occur at school this year which makes it so much easier to handle.

Call me lame (don't worry, I do it all the time), but I'm not really a fan of April fools day. Why? You ask. Here's why:

1) Every idiot that sucks at pranks thinks they're so freaking funny today. Oh, a teacher telling the kids yet again that there's no school? Hilarious. Posting to Facebook that you're preggers? Damn, you got me... Again. It just feels like the same "pranks" are done year after year. And it's old.

 2) Students think it's funny to hide things, claim they're hurt, or that they got some amazing new gift, then shout "April Fools" every five minutes.


3) Everyone thinks you're pulling a prank if you tell them something. A student today was convinced I was fooling her when I said she got a 100 on her project. Took me 5 minutes to convince her she really did. On the flip side I had a conference today where I had to tell a mom her kid got a 61 on his test. She got really annoyed when I repeated that it really WAS his grade. 

4) Even if someone has a good prank to do, it's too cliche and expected today.  It's hard to catch people off guard. The best pranks are the ones you don't see coming. A day devoted to that kind of defeats the whole purpose. 


5) I'm a day filled with fake outs, kids freaking, and "April Fools" being repeated over and over just rubbed me the wrong way. Could you tell?


  1. Some how I think working in a school would bring on a whole other side of April fools!! lol

  2. Being born on this day, i was faced with all the "You're a fool" jokes. i will jump on your anti-April Fool's Day bandwagon. Heck, I'll drive it.

  3. As a teacher I am sure you see this much more than most. My daughter told me about them when I picked her up yesterday - I was just glad I wasn't the teacher. :-)

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