Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Thank goodness for the honest people of the world.

On Monday Drew took the day off and we headed to L.L. Bean for some shopping and so Fynn could see the fish and the giant boot. We spent a ton of time at the store and then headed to some of the shops down the road, when I suddenly realized I didn't have my wallet. I knew I had put it in my pocket when we got out of the car at Beans, but didn't remember noticing it after then. Ensue panic.

I checked the car, diaper bag, around the car. Nothing. We headed back to Beans and checked around where we were parked. Nada. My heart was sinking as I started to mentally list everything that was in my wallet. Drew stayed in the car with the kids while I headed back into the store to retrace our steps. I must have looked like a fool, scurrying around, asking some poor girl to check the chair she was sitting in and peeking under the bathroom stalls in search of my wallet.

I was almost in tears a I approached customer service and asked the woman if anyone had turned in a black, Coach wallet. She asked when it had been lost and then said "let's check". We went to another woman at the information desk who gave me a little smirk and said "what's your name?" When I told her, she assured me that they had it. Some other customer had found it in the parking lot and turned it into the info desk.

How lucky am I???

Not going to lie. I might have teared up a little with joy... and I may have hugged the woman. I had to wait a few minutes while they got it from the office safe, but then it was back. In my hands. Everything still in it!

Paranoid that I am, we'll still keep a close eye on our credit card statements, but I am so happy that it was someone honest who found it and turned it in. I know it would have been easy to just keep it, so I am so appreciative to whomever the good Samaritan was on Monday,

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