Wednesday, May 6, 2015

And now my teeth are going to fall out.

I am the epitome of a oral health freak. I brush my teeth AT LEAST twice a day and I can't fall asleep at night if I haven't flossed. I had several cavities as a kid and then epic braces... after that I took healthy teeth seriously and it hasn't changed. I love my smile and am proud of my healthy habits

And none of that will keep my teeth from falling out.

Okay, I'm being a little melodramatic (have you read my IUD post?) But the truth of the matter is that I found out last week that I have the beginnings of gum disease (thanks Mom for yet another hereditary medical issue you didn't feel the need to tell me until after I've been diagnosed) and they want to keep a close eye on my gum recession because two pregnancies in three years has upped the ante and escalated the progression of the disease. I mentioned at the dentist that I had a tooth that was suddenly sensitive and the hygienist informed me that it was because a "good amount" of my gums around that tooth had receded and that part of my tooth that shouldn't be exposed to the world no was.


So now I can't help but stare at my teeth in the mirror and notice how it looks like my gums are lower on my teeth.

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  1. I'm not great with my oral hygiene (I hate putting things in my mouth SO MUCH) and so I dream all my teeth fall out like every night. It keeps me awake. I think it keeps my mom awake too because she's also paranoid about my teeth, haha. They have always been pretty bad though. I've had way more cavities (mostly very small) than I could count on two hands.


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