Thursday, May 14, 2015

I love nap time

I'm sure I speak for every single parent in the world when I say nap time is the bomb (does anyone still say that?). I live, breathe, and dream of nap time every day. On the days I have both kids, I'm in desperate need of a short little break in the afternoon even if I just use it to watch 19 Kids and Counting or scroll through my Facebook newsfeed. Whatever. It's time spent not catering to the every need and whim of an almost 3-year old and an almost 3-month old. That means it's a good time.

Sadly, I fear Fynn is nearing the end of her napping days. She really only naps about half the time now, and less when she's at daycare because all her little friends are there avoiding naps with her. Bentley is not on a real nap schedule yet since he's still too young. However, there have been a handful of times where the stars have aligned and both kids manage to nap at the exact same time. Yesterday was one of those blissful days. And yes, Fynn took her nap yesterday on our bedroom floor. Hey, whatever works!  

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