Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Remember Friday when I daydreamed about my ideal Mother's Day? Yeah, that didn't happen. Sunday was kind of a wreck despite Drew's best intentions.

Bentley started the day off rough by being up every hour and a half the night before. Combine 20 minutes of nursing each time with the 20-40 minutes it takes for me to fall asleep each time and you'll understand why I was still grumpy when I got up that morning. Fynn came running in with a grin on her face to give me the card she'd made with Drew and a gift card for a massage (which I am already looking forward to, even though I haven't booked it yet). Since my beloved Dunkin Donuts was a mad house, we ate carrot cake that Fynn had picked out at he store for breakfast.

Fynn was also in fine form after being sick the night before. While she said she felt better, she was still pretty tired and cranky, but refused to take a nap (nothing's more fun than an overtired toddler!).

Bentley and I attempted to take a nap in the late morning, but it wasn't very successful and I gave up on sleep at that point and decided it was time to go visit Mimi and Kiki (Drew's mom and my mom). Fynn was in a much better mood once we were around other people, and it was nice to have someone else snuggling the baby and playing with Fynn while I just sat around. We had lunch at my parents' house and then headed down the road to Drew's parents' house to spend some time with them.

It wasn't a bad Mother's Day, but no where near the blissful relaxation I had dreamed of. Yes, I knew a day of relaxation with an almost 3 year old and almost 3 month old was a pipe dream, but it was still my dream :)

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