Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The best idea I ever stole from Pinterest

I'm constantly scouring Pinterest looking for activities to do with Fynn or home decorating ideas that I will never actually use, but last week I found one that I felt I could handle, and it ended up being awesome for Fynn and me.

Here's the link to the original post I found about it. All I did was freeze a bunch of water, some coins, a spoon and Pez candy in a metal bowl. Then I took Fynn out to the deck, gave her a turkey baster, some water and a measuring cup and let her go to town. She quickly figured out how to squirt the water to loosen up the items and even decided to let the ice chunk sit in the sun for a bit to soften up. The best part of the activity? She could do it with or without me. I played with her for about 20 minutes, but then Bentley needed to eat so I left her to play while I fed him and she spent about another hour working on it until she got everything out.

Next time (because we are SO doing this again) I would find some better items for her to "discover". I went with what I could find around the house that wouldn't be damaged by being in ice, but next time I'd find some plastic toys and new things that would be more exciting for her to excavate.

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