Friday, May 29, 2015

The first day back

Grumpy Cat about says it all:

I was overprepped for yesterday having gotten everything I could possibly ever need for work packed up and ready to go. My mom watched the kids yesterday, and I was fine until about 2 minutes before I had to leave the house when Fynn kept asking for "one more kiss and a hug" and Bentley was looking all sweet baby and I started to tear up and feel like crap. By the time I got in the car I was straight up sobbing and debating whether Drew would kill be if I just didn't go to work and skipped a couple of pay checks. By the time I assured myself that not going would most likely result in an untimely grave dug in the backyard, I was halfway to work and out of tears (the one tiny benefit to a 40 minute commute-plenty of time to work through lots of emotions).

Once I was at work, I got busy trying to figure out what on earth my students have been doing for the past 14 weeks. My class was on an 11 hour field trip all day that I couldn't go on (no place/time to pump) so I taught my math class, figured out my pumping schedule, and worked in my classroom to figure out what needs to get done in the last 3 weeks of school and try to get back in teacher mode.

I came back to a large banner in the hall welcoming me back, tons of notes on my board, and several pictures/notes left on my desk for me... it was nice to feel loved. I got tons of hugs from kids and coworkers and I managed not to cry at all after I got to school.

It will be manageable. It's hard. I want to be with my babies. But it's for such a short time that I know I can handle it and the kids will be fine. In reality, they're probably going to love it more than having me home.

15 more days until summer vacation!

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