Monday, June 1, 2015

April/May Reads

I realized the other day that I never wrote my books read in April down, so I'm combining it with May for my book list. My 30 book challenge for the school year ends mid-June, so I need to read 3 more books in the next two weeks along with actually being back at work with two kids... no problem. I hope. 

23. An Echo in the Bone by Diane Gabaldon

I'm so glad I continued reading the Outlander series because this book was awesome. I'm loving the Brianna and Roger story line more and more, but I found all the story lines in this book were strong. This is what I love and hate about series... I love that the characters grow and change and that you get to see the multiple dimensions of them over time. But then I also hate it because I become way too invested in the characters just as the series ends and find myself frustrated that there are no more books coming.

24. The Next Always by Nora Roberts
With all the 1,000 page Gabaldon novels I've been reading lately, this was a nice, light, fun read. It follows typical Nora Roberts format; couple gets together, falls in love, almost lose each other, get married. It's predictable, but really no less enjoyable. I thought the main characters in this book were cute, especially the hardworking handyman, Beckett. It did have a strange element of a perceived ghost that looks out for some of the characters. I could have done without her. Regardless, I'm still looking to read the second book in the trilogy since, as I mentioned above, I tend to get too invested in characters in books :)

25. Written in my Own Heart' Blood by Diane Gabaldon
This was my second favorite book in the Outlander series (Voyager is still my favorite, something about two people making their way back to each other after 20 years apart just melts my heart). This one brought the series back home in so many ways, it was nice to see things settle down a bit and feel less chaotic. I was really worried at the end though that things were TOO wrapped up and it would be the last book, but after stalking checking out Diana Gabaldon's website I was reassured to see that she has promised at least one more book... now I just have to wait because it will probably be about 2 more years. So sad.

26. Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews
I was disappointed in this book; I expected so much more. This book ended up being rather boring and unemotional which perplexed me. It's the story of four children locked in an attic by their mother and grandmother with the understanding that they will be let out as soon as their mother is written back into their grandfather's will. As time goes on and the children are left more and more to their own devices, you would think that they would become very emotional and upset about the situation. Perhaps lament the loss of their childhood or seek to find an escape. Nope. These kids just let it happen, the two oldest even leave at one point AND COME BACK. What the heck? It just make no sense. After reading this, I found out that there are a couple of more books in the series and I'm kind of curious to read, but hesitant because I think it will be boring. We'll see.

27. Don't You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey
I love Margaret Peterson Haddix books; they never fail. She has such a down to earth, relatable style of writing that I always enjoy. Maybe it's because her books are young adult, or maybe it's just the way she develops characters. This one is written in the journal entries of a high school student who's personal life is falling apart as she deals with dysfunctional parents and too much responsibility falling on her. She's writing as a school assignment, but it becomes a release for her as it's the only place she can be real and honest since her teacher (Mrs. Dunphrey) promises not to read any entry she's asked not to.

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