Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Back to work: My pumping routines

Going back to work this time around is a lot easier than last time because I actually know what I'm doing. I mean, the whole leaving my baby deal is no easier, but figuring out how to work pumping into my work schedule was a lot easier this time because I know when/how often/ what I need to make pumping successful.

What I need:
  1. pump (duh)
  2. spare pump parts-you never know
  3. 4 bottles- my goal for how many bottles I'm trying to make a day
  4. bottle cooler bags- I store the bottles full of milk in the staff fridge, but it put them in these bags so that everyone at work doesn't have to look at my breast milk, and to keep them cool in the car on the way home
  5. pump cooler bag- I don't wash my pump between sessions at work, so I keep them in the cooler bag to stay cold.
  6. ice pack- to keep cooler bag cold

        Not pictured, but still needed:

7. spare shirt- because leaks happen
8. a burp cloth/receiving blanket- I spread this over my shirt/lap in case of spills/leaks
9. nursing pads-same as the spare shirt
10. snacks-pumping is hard work. Also I tend to not eat enough at work, so having snacks in my pump bag reminds me to eat
11. my phone- pumping is the perfect time to read a book, catch up on Facebook, or respond to e-mails

Pumping schedule:

7:30 AM- Arrive at work. Depending on when baby ate last, I will pump. If not, it's an extra 20 minutes to get stuff done!

9:30 AM- Prep period- pump for 20 minutes with bottles 1 & 2. Make sure there is 4 oz in bottle 1 (that's one full bottle for B). Wipe out pump quickly with burp cloth and put into the cooler bag with ice pack. Put both bottles in fridge at work in the bottle bags.

12:15 PM- Recess/Lunch break. Pump for 20 minutes with bottles 3 & 4. Pour enough milk into bottle 2 (from earlier) to make it a full 4 ounces. Then fill bottle # 3 with (hopefully) another 4 ounces. Put all 4 bottles in the fridge. Put pump back into cooler bag to keep cold.

3 PM- If I haven't pumped my goal of 16 ounces in the earlier sessions, I'll pump at this time to get the last couple of ounces I need for the next day of bottles. If he didn't eat all 4 the day before, then I may skip this pump session.

Making it work:

It's hard sometime to spend so much of my work day pumping. I'm lucky this time around in that I don't have to schedule ed techs to cover my classroom while I pump, since my schedule of breaks fit in with when I needed to pump. The other part that helps is how supportive and amazing my coworkers are. They're understanding when I can't meet at those times

It also helps that I know what I'm doing, how my body works for pumping, and what I need to make it successful.

Sounds like  a lot of work, right? I know. But actually It's so familiar to me at this point that I don't think about it much. The biggest thing is making sure I have everything I need with me every day. When I get home I have to make sure to take the bottles out and put them in the fridge and wash my pump parts, so they'll be ready to go for the next day.

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