Tuesday, June 23, 2015

OMG We're Back Again

Are you currently singing this song in your head?

No? Just me?

Going back to work for that last month was overwhelmingly overwhelming (this is the Department of Redundancy Department) and blogging just fell to the wayside as I just tried to keep my ish together for those weeks. As you can tell from this post so far, I've lost my damn mind.

Actually, that's just the past 5 days of being up 6-9 times a night with either Bentley or Fynn...  or both; most nights it has been both. Alas, I'm determined to get back into blogging because the lack of writing the last couple of weeks has led to my current state of mental overload and I need to unload, document, and let the words flow. 

Enjoy :) 

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