Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Purple to Blue: Getting the house painted

One of the biggest projects that our new house needed done was paint. The house was a funky purplish color that drove us nuts. Last month (as my maternity leave came to a rapid end) we had the house painted by a bunch of college guys. They were hilarious. Fynn loved chatting with them and even sat with them to eat pizza one night when we bought them dinner. That wasn't our intention, but when I asked Fynn where she wanted to eat her pizza, she replied "with the guys". We are going to be in so much trouble when she's a teenager.
Hard to tell the actual color in this, but this is
 how the back looked while they painted. 
My house felt like a crime scene when all of the windows
and doors were covered with plastic.

We had the hardest time picking a paint color. Everything was too bright, or too baby blue, or too no house color. We finally settled on a color called Navel and thought we were all set. Until I came home after the first day of painting to a bright blue house. I freaked out a bit. But the guy assured me that it would dry darker and the second coat would make it even darker. Fast forward to day four of painting and I was feeling a lot better about the color... but Drew wasn't. Saturday afternoon, as the guys were almost done, he starting ranting about how ugly it looked and how bright the color still was. Now I was a little afraid that it was going to be one of those house colors that people laugh at a mock as they drive by.

Now that it's been a few weeks though, the color is growing on me. I still worry sometimes that it's a little bright, but we also painted the garage doors a cream color and that made the whole house look a lot better. 

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