Friday, July 10, 2015

3rd to last class

Last week I started my next grad school class, my first since Bentley was born and my 3rd to last... and that feels amazing. I love taking classes in the summer because I'm not working and can focus on my school work. I also love it because I just love school (nerd alert!). This one is pretty cool because it's all about study skills and continued literacy learning for students. That said, trying to juggle both kids, workouts, keeping the house clean, AND my coursework? Is proving harder than I thought it would be. Doing my work at night after both kids are asleep is the best time for me to have uninterrupted work time, but by then I'm so wiped from the day that it's hard to concentrate. That's also my only time with Drew during the day, so I had spending it reading or working on assignments. Nap time is my second best time to work, but again that means both kids have to sleep at the same time AND stay asleep long enough for me to work. Even when that happens, I'm torn between getting my work done and working out.

Okay, enough whining, I promise. I'm excited to be back at school because I'm a nerd, and I'm even more excited to be so close to earning my master's degree.

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